Supercar Sunday – Motor4Toys

Every year during the holidays, Supercar Sunday holds an annual Motor4Toys charity event where it collects toys for kids. The turn out was fantastic but even more fantastic were the truckloads of toys that people donated. Tons of sponsors were on hand as well as LAPD showing their support. In just 6 years, Motor4Toys has donated nearly $2 million worth of toys for needy kids. Today alone brought out over 30,000 toys. Of course you can donate at Motor4Toys as well. Enjoy the pics.

One of two Mercedes SLS AMG’s that I saw. Really like this red on it.

Right behind the SLS were these trio of exotics sandwiched between parked cars.

Although there was nearly a dozen Nissan GTRs, this authentic JDM R32 Skyline GT-R caught my eye. I would still pick any of the older Skylines over the new GTR.

LAPD was out supporting the event. They brought a helicopter, a heavy truck tank, and a few sponsored cars.

All sorts of car clubs came out in full force. Everything to Jeeps, Evo’s, Ford GT’s, Z06’s, etc.

One of the few 996 Porsches that I liked. Looks good blacked out.

Small Lamborghini area. Notice the helicopter peaking in the side. A few people won a ride in it.

This Porsche GT3 (I think) looked great with the subtle red accents.

There was a “hellaflush” section but we won’t bore you with that. Here is a really cleanly modified Audi S5 sitting flush on DPEs.

It was my first time seeing a McLaren SLR up close in person. This car still looks great and has major presence.

Parked next to the SLR was this Spyker C8. Not a huge fan of the design but the exposed shift linkage is definitely cool.

Superleggera that’s been around SoCal before. This time it has newly acquired HRE P40 wheels.

Santa upgraded his sleigh to a Murcielago. He brought tons of toys.

Next to the Murci was this flat black Lamborghini Gallardo. It is vinyl wrapped and actually looks pretty decent from afar but up close you’ll notice some peeling.

The legendary Ferrari 599 GTO.

Cars come out of the woodwork for events like these. Here is a Vector M12. I think they’re coming back?

A guys vision of a retro Corvette remake which actually looks really great. It’s by Rossi and uses the C6 Corvette chassis.

Not a huge fan of Mustangs but this murdered out Shelby was hot.

Galpin Auto Sports, the same guys who used to do Pimp My Ride, brought out a few shop cars.

Plenty of track oriented cars showed up such as the Ariel Atom, Caterhams, Elises, Porsche GT3 Cup Car, etc..

Another Mclaren SLR. Silver isn’t the most flattering color.

Tesla club showed up. Perhaps a glimpse of the future and performance cars?

Always been a fan of the Ford GT. Yellow head light covers give it that racier look.

Lotus club showed up with Elises and Exiges. Surprisingly I didn’t see any Esprits.

This VRT Porsche 997.2 twin turbo is one of the nicest I’ve seen.

It’s not often you see Porsches sitting on JDM Work Wheels such as this Carrera on Work Meisters.

There just something real menacing about a murdered out Lp640…

Specialty Car Craft is always at events and they brought out their recently redone Murcielago.

Last but not least, the stunning Aston Martin V12 Vantage.