The Next Frontier

Master your fear, conquer your potential…

I recently had a conversation with a friend who wanted to start his own business, but was afraid of losing the money he would invest in his business; he brought up some excellent points about how it may not work, and it may not be wise as others have tried and lost. He felt like he just couldn’t afford to lose what he had built so far and said “maybe I should wait till later” and therefore gave up on an opportunity to become successful in less than 10 minutes in our conversation. This person created more excuses and obstacles for himself in less than 10 min than any critic of any business would have in 1 year.

What is this feeling of fear that keeps people from believing in themselves?

There have been many instances in my life where we miss on opportunities that we can create for ourselves because of our lack of belief in ourselves. So I ask you, as I asked him… Are we afraid to fail or are we afraid of our inability that will make us fail in the long run. Do we believe we have what it takes to be successful?

More importantly are we ready to take the next step in our journey for success?

Here is my philosophy on success and what it really takes to make it. It seems although some of us are fearless while others are fearful and at first glance it may seem like that is the main reason some make it and others don’t, but I feel differently about the reason why some are fearless. I feel that some of us have the ability to turn FEAR into a very productive form of pressure for ourselves and therefore gives us the edge over others who fold back when confronted with this feeling. Those that experience a great deal of success have learned to work well to push the boundary of their own fears and extend their capabilities every time they are confronted with this fear.

“We fear the unknown as people and therefore are afraid to venture where we haven’t, so in most cases we only push to the limits that we know or have experienced before…”

The key to overcoming our fears is simply to venture and operate our minds everyday between that very fine line where the known meets the unknown and push harder and harder everyday until we can step by step cross into the next frontier of our abilities. You operate at the maximum potential everyday and as you get to your limit when you feel like you are about to make a mistake, you pull back and pull harder knowing what the mistake you almost made was. You repeat that process over and over until you win by taking control of your fear.

You use your fear to allow the feeling you experience to become the adrenaline you need to take the next step.

I’ll try to make this really simple to understand…

Most of us experience¬† fear before asking someone out on a date, we experience this feeling of “what if” and then in that 2 seconds our brain analyzes all the possible rejections that may occur and therefore disconnects us from the action that should have taken place but now ever does as a result of the fear consuming us. NOW, here is what you need to do to overcome FEAR…

ACT that very instant you choose to ask that person out, IMMEDIATELY without thinking, initiate the first “hello” or “how are you” and the rest despite being uncomfortable will follow along. That one move will now enable you to duplicate it, as it is no longer the unknown, and it is now a known variable. The next time you will now be able to act immediately again without those variables going through your head and the following will be smoother and better.

Live through actions and push your mind to the edge, then do it again and again until you conquer the next plateau. This adrenaline that you felt before asking that person out is the same force that is with you everyday and that you need to harvest into the actual possibility of action.