Are You Jobless?

I get many questions from readers asking me what their course of action should be if they are unemployed and simply have had no luck finding work. There are many elements to consider as to why you are jobless which might help you find work faster. Making sure you have realistic expectations is also the key to success here. Remember that pre-recession was a time of economic growth meaning more companies were paying more money for the talent and companies took chances on people simply as they couldn’t get positions filled fast enough. In other words, Starbucks employees earning $10 an hour were becoming 6 figure loan officer or realtors due to the demand for such roles.

Understanding that those times are over, that same Starbucks employee cannot expect to make 6 figures just due to their past salary history as it was inflated and not based on their skill set. Unfortunately many will not let go off the idea that they earned 6 figures and deserve 6 figures even though it was for a short time frame. For those of you that are willing to go back to reality but are still struggling with unemployment, here are some tips to stay busy during this downtime…

Remember that finding a JOB is seriously impacted by your attitude as well as your energy level, especially when you have to go through interviews.

1. Health and Wealth – Your health and well being is most important and should never be taken for granted especially not in times when your mental health might be heading towards depression. Make sure to continue a healthy diet as well as hit the gym daily so that you do not go into a state of potato couch. It’s very important that you continue to feel good about yourself as you need that confidence and energy when interviewing. DO NOT get lazy as time is on your side and going even more than ordinary should be on your list of daily activities.

2. Education through free sources – There are many sources of education on the internet at no charge and many skill sets or licenses you can earn online for a small amount of money. Getting your real estate license or some additional qualifications during downtime is always a good idea and might even open a new path for you. If money is an issue, simply stick to free resources and educate yourself on topics like finance, leadership, interviewing or different industries related to your field. Education that can be used in the real world is priceless and exploring new venues while improving on your foundation is a great way to pass time when unemployed.

3. Constant pursuit of real employment – Just because you have applied at over 30 different places doesn’t mean you should just wait and stop till they get back to you. Continue applying and looking for alternative temporary employment at all times. Make sure to even go back where you applied and look for other locations offering the same role, even if the commute might be a bit harsh at first. Staying active in your employment search is important and very vital to getting results faster.

4. Not falling for scams on the internet – In times of need, random opportunities might seem like a good idea. Many online ads might look appealing to you and companies might appear out of no where telling you to come to one of their orientation meetings. The truth is that MLM and internet scams love to prey on people who are experiencing long durations of unemployment with a fake opportunity. Internet scams asking you to cash checks on their behalf or send spam emails to folks and get paid are all scams themselves, STAY AWAY from them as law enforcement might be involved and it could cost you more than money. Try your best to stay away from any opportunities that are MLM which can be recognized by usually asking you for money up front to join the program or getting some sort of certification, examples of these scams are covered under our Primerica scam article and 5 Linx scam article. Review these to know more about MLM scams.

5. Think of alternative income sources – As discussed earlier in #2, learning a new skill set or furthering your education is important especially when you have too much time on your hands. Looking for alternative sources like starting a business, side venture or simply looking at commission based employment can be helpful and earn you a few extra dollars that can actually remain even when you finally get employment. Opening a mobile food business or perhaps becoming a personal assistant are examples of side businesses that can not only turn to full businesses but can also bring extra money without spending too much up front.

Make sure to keep your chin high, attitude strong and energy level to the roof as you need to remain consistent in delivering great interviews no matter how long you remained unemployed.

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