Secret Model – Courtney K

Its not everyday you meet a bombshell, and its not everyday she schools you on 5 things a super hot model looks for in a guy. Meet Courtney K, a 19 year old model determined to make her mark in the modeling industry. We decided to shoot Courtney with a beautiful gunmetal Viper GTS a la Beauty and The Beast style. This month we bring you more than just a hot girl and a hot car, we bring you 5 things Courtney looks for in a guy…

Seeing how good looking Courtney was, we thought she would be the perfect model to ask what are the 5 things such a hot girl looks for when picking her guy. Here are Courtney’s answers…

1. Looks. Come on people it’s not shallow, it’s true! When you initially talk to someone, it’s because you’re attracted to them! I mean it couldn’t hurt to have a sexy boyfriend ;)

2. Honesty. I have dated way too many guys that lie just to impress me in the beginning of the relationship and the truth comes out later on. I have never understood the need to fabricate who you are; no relationship can be successful when it is based off of lies. The only great relationship I’ve had is the one I’m in now, and that’s because we don’t lie to each other about ANYTHING.

3. Humor. My life gets a little crazy and sometimes all I need is someone to make me laugh and maybe even pee my pants every now and then. Plus, every time you laugh, you lose calories ;)

4. Intelligence. Yes muscles are sexy, but I don’t want a guy that is only as smart as proteins and supplements go. I want a man who can sometimes shock me with how much he knows (not just about football). Brains are sexy.

5. A good kisser. I’m sorry but I just can’t date a guy that sucks at kissing! I like kissing my man and I don’t want to dread it every time his lips touch mine. Haha yuck.

If you want to see more of Courtney Kenny, make sure to keep an eye out for the upcoming Secret Entourage models site, but if you really cant wait then simply check out her awesome website HERE.

A big thank you to Pepper Perfect for his amazing photography once more and to Courtney K for allowing us to unveil her to the world, just remember you saw her here first once she becomes famous!