The Truth Behind The 10 Year Plan

We talked about the 10 Year Plan recently and I have received quite a bit of feedback from readers that it doesn’t make sense for them to wait 10 years to get to their ultimate goals and that an easier way is out there and could be attained faster. I wanted to take a moment and revisit the topic as well as clarify what the 10 year plan really is but primarily answer the million dollar question…

Is there a faster way to the better life?

YES there is! There are many faster ways to get to the life you seek and crave BUT those ways have no guarantees and are not likely without the bigger picture goal being in place. The reality is that if you don’t start something then nothing will happen, and if you start something with the hope that the project will succeed and change everything in 12 months or less, you are setting yourselves up to fail. The idea behind the 10 year plan is that it takes time, not necessarily 10 years but time to create something great out of nothing and to be noticed across the world as a recognized brand. The 10 year plan is more about commitment than entrepreneurship, its more about your ability to work at something and tweak it as much as you need until you get the results you seek even if it takes 10 years.

Within that journey you start, there will be plenty of opportunities that will manifest themselves and will only require you to be ready in order to seize them. These opportunities may or may not appear and therefore cannot be counted on in order to succeed, instead a bigger plan is needed (The 10 year plan) for the long run while we always keep our eyes and ears open for smaller and more immediate opportunities such as stocks, real estate, or business ventures.

The real issue here on why people don’t agree with me on the time frame is that most are still within this instant gratification mindset and are looking for a golden ticket.

Remember what Thomas Edisson said: “The American dream is often missed because it looks like overhauls and work.”

Instant gratification is the root of failure as your desires for a certain lifestyle and the emotions you feel towards wanting it immediately draw you to the wrong opportunities. Instead focus on the bigger picture and hold no expectation of getting rich quick and before you know it, opportunities will start appearing in places you least expect and the path to success will start making more and more sense.

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