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We’ve had everything from Lamborghini to Ferrari to Aston Martin to Bentley, but no other manufacturer does it better than Porsche. For over 50 years, generations have gone past but with each year, the 911 has gotten better and better. There’s a reason why these cars have a cult following and started to increase in value. Porsche has simply perfected the sports car by offering immense performance, incredible reliability, with all the creature comforts you need for everyday usability; a formula unheard of and often resulted in failed attempts by other brands. Since adding the Porsche 991 Turbo S to our garage, we’ve referred to it as the best exotic car money can buy under $500k which was a pretty bold statement to make, but in today’s intro to Project Sin you will find out why.

My first exotic car was a 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo GT650 Gemballa Edition. As rare as that was back then, it was also one of the most reliable cars I had ever owned. This left a very good taste in my mouth early on and gave way to owning another 6 Porsches before this latest 991 Turbo S. I’ll sum up the 991 Turbo S with this one sentence: It’s the car that you keep growing love for over time.

When you own a Lamborghini you tend to appreciate its aggressive design, sound, and speed; but overtime start realizing it has issues such as crappy interior, uncomfortable seats, lots of plastic trim pieces, etc. The longer you own it, you will start to see its faults like in every relationship.

With a Ferrari, the exact same thing happens as you first glance at its beauty and elegance, and appreciate its performance; but over time ask yourself if the cost of maintenance, inability to drive it daily, or even its lack of technology is worth the high price tag you paid.

I can go on and on but like every car I’ve ever owned (over 60 cars in a few years as seen on Exotic Car Hacks), you’ll first notice how excited you are about a new car, but over time start seeing the great faults it has. When you date a new chick, you get the same feeling the longer you date her. You start dating because of a few things that really draw you in, but once you eyes see the whole picture you start doubting if the juice is worth the squeeze. No matter how incredible a car was at first glance, it always ends up this way… until now.

The 2014 and 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S Cabriolet is a unique car that pushes the envelope of functional design, usable power, state of the art technology; and it does all that by creating a driver centric approach allowing you to feel like you are experiencing it for the first time every time you get in. However, more importantly, it allows you to discover how to utilize it better each time you turn it on.

Design: Light years ahead of its predecessors, the 991 Turbo S brings back traditional design cues from the legendary 993, but does so in a modern way giving the car a much more exotic and striking look. The car is also bigger giving it much more road presence than previous generations.

The best part of the design is in its details: incredible wheel design, a retracting front lip and spoiler, and lighting that is years ahead of anything I have ever seen.

Interior: Comfortable, beautiful, friendly, and driver centric. Very easy to cruise around town, go on a 3-day road trip, or go to the race track for some fun. No matter what your ideal night out is, this car will adapt to you and be the car you need it to be both from a functional standpoint and interior standpoint.

It comes equipped with sport seats that are 14-way adjustable with lumbar support and a heated and cooled option, great visibility when driving, and plenty of special gadgets that make driving more fun.

Performance: This is probably where the Turbo S does its best. Right from the factory, you have a 10-second race car that handles like a go cart, takes off with the same tenacity as a supercar costing 10 times the price, and razor sharp handling coupled with 500+HP that even an inexperienced driver can fully enjoy.

The best part; however, remains that such power is barely hitting the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential. With minimal modifications, you have a perfect race car with 150 more HP that really gives a new meaning to the word SPEED.

Everyone knows Porsches are reliable cars, but to think that Porsche released a car that stands out in all aspects while retaining the reliability is mind boggling.

The best part though is the feeling of ownership of the 991 Turbo S. The more you own it, the more you discover, and the more you become aware of its great qualities, each better than the previous one you discovered. What ends up happening is that the longer you own it, the more you enjoy it; and that to me is enough to set it apart and say that it is by far the best exotic I have ever owned.

Stay tuned as we have chosen the 2014 991 Turbo S Cabriolet as the latest project for Exotic Car Hacks and have brought on some incredible people to help us:

Kline Innovations
By Design Automotive
Evo MS
Cobb Tuning
GMG Racing
ADV1 Wheels
Fine Works Auto

With the help of these sponsors, we plan to take Project SIN to the next level and perhaps introduce you to the world’s first Stage 4 Porsche Turbo S Cab.