Range Rover Sport GT Project Obsidian

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Having been exposed to Range Rovers for the past decade, we noticed how much the SUV has changed both from a design standpoint but also from a reliability standpoint. While its far from perfect, there is something that screams status when you get in a Range Rover. For this latest project car, we decided to focus on a unique car rather than the latest and greatest. We chose to work on a car that eliminated the most common issues and flaws known to Range Rovers, but yet still looked new rather than dated in design. As we teach in Exotic Car Hacks, the Range Rover is a great vehicle to buy, drive, and sell without losing money.

Our latest project car is a 2013 Range Rover Sport GT that is black on black with suede inserts. We chose the GT because it combines the Autobiography Edition look and feel without the supercharged engine. While the supercharger is nice, it is also awful on gas consumption and far from practical as a daily, so we chose to save the extra $15K and instead invest it in our car is a rather unique way.

This new project will be in collaboration with ADV1 Wheels. It will also get a set of European LED tail lights and other aesthetics features that will make it look more aggressive, but retain its daily usability. While we will lower the car as well, it will still ride relatively similar to a factory one, with an enhanced visual look guaranteed to turn heads everywhere.

Design: While the older generation Range Rovers are now obsolete with their box like shape, they still remain our favorites almost as if they are closing an era for Range Rover. They are closing it damn strong with modern LEDs in both front and rear including a much more aggressive aero kit, grill, and wheels package than previously seen on the early generation Sport models. This still remains one of our favorites and the Sport is no exception especially when highlighted by the Autobiography Edition look.

Engine: While still consuming gas quicker than most average cars, the oil and gas consumption on this last generation Range Rover was much better allowing as much as 17 MPG on highway, which is much better than the 6 we averaged on our 2007. While not having supercharger does hurt the power and fun factor, it also comes with less headaches including less repairs and a smoother riding SUV. We recommend the Supercharged model above 2011 if you seek thrills, but this GT model features the best design both inside out, minus the power and headaches and a great price point in between.

Conclusion: While the Range Rover sport is well known for its sportier side, we still prefer the bigger HSE model. The Sport GT does have its perks offering a much sleeker design, increased fun factor, and a very technology friendly interior that makes you feel like you are in a cockpit. This particular Range Rover when done will be significantly better than any of its counterparts. Did we mention 335 rear tires?

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