Why Are Poor People Poor

Being rich is a choice, just as much as being poor. You have often heard me say that choices define who we are and how far we get in life. The choices we make define the level of success we achieve. The reality, however, is that people don’t always choose to be rich or successful, instead poor people choose to be poor!

Why Are Poor People Poor?

Why are poor people poor? The answer is simpler than you think. Being lazy and doing nothing is simply easier than going out and doing something. Most people enjoy life’s basic luxuries but never see themselves attaining certain levels of success and therefore find it much easier to give themselves a million reasons to do nothing about it.

I often run into individuals that ask me “What do I do for a living?” when driving my Aston Martin or Lamborghini. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them. Despite not knowing who I am or the level of success I’ve achieved, they choose to not believe me since it is easier than actually learning and understanding the path to get there thus confirming why poor people are poor.

Once someone is presented with a path to success, they can:

  • Choose to work hard at it and earn their way to the top
  • Choose to dream about it
  • Choose to do nothing and remain poor

Everyone just like you has the ability to get on this site and self educate yourself on what you  need to do to have the right mindset to succeed. The truth is most won’t take action. Because of  laziness, most will live paycheck to paycheck and stay poor.  Most will not take a risk on anything that requires them to put in effort and work that is unpaid today but will earn them a greater return in the future.

We are all born under different circumstances and in different places, but the choice to take control of our lives is in our hands. We can sit there and nag that the circumstances we are in are causing us to not be able to take action, or we can start working towards improving them. So choosing to do nothing is a choice, a choice that leads to nothing and more importantly the ultimate reason as to why are poor people poor.

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