100 Ultimate Dream Car Garages Part 7

Imagine walking into your garage and having difficulty which car to take out for the day. That must be a common problem with the owners of these car collections. For the 7th part in our Ultimate Dream Car Garage series, the ante has been upped with much more high dollar cars such as the Mclaren F1 or the Maserati MC12. In fact, there are three of each in this segment.

#40 – Notice the stripper pole in the garage…

#39 – Owners of these was murdered….

#38 – TheĀ  things we’d do for this Mclaren F1

#37 – Rotating floor must make life easier…

#36 – Ammo sales must be on the rise…

#35 – Best of the best…

#34 – Ralph Lauren’s personal collection…

#33 – One of the best car collections in South Africa…

#32 – Beautiful stone driveway leading to Maserati’s…

#31 – This garage is Miami is simply insane…

If you missed Part 6 you can check it out at: http://www.secretentourage.com/entrepreneur/motivation/dream-car-garages-6/

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