Secret Model – Mandi

secret model mandi

As always, we are fortunate to be bringing you new models, new exotics, and new photographers.  We were approached by Violet Mae Studios with an offer to bring you our next model of the month feature, and after browsing Scott’s work, we felt he deserved some recognition and here it is, bringing you April’s Secret Model Mandi with a Corvette ZR1.

secret model mandi

secret model mandi

Even though it might be hard to keep on reading as the visuals are overwhelming, here is a bit more on this amazing photographer:

My story started almost one year ago when I decided to purchase my first Nikon DSLR and pursue auto photography.  Prior to that point, I never dabbled in photography but have since found I have a strong passion for it and will most likely be doing it for life.  I have always been involved in the auto scene in some facet and photography has given me the opportunity to immerse myself further into clubs, events, and autos I wouldn’t get to see otherwise.  One of the rewards of being a photographer is that I get to shoot cars, individuals, or other things that display my work to others who may never get the chance to see those things in person and this is very rewarding to me.

Besides photography I am also into auto modification.  I got into modding cars almost fifteen years ago, can’t remember why, but knew I found something I loved.  Ever since then the car culture has been apart of my DNA.  I have had several project cars throughout the years, founded the 5280 Fest auto show in Colorado, and now photograph cars.  It is the one hobby that will stay with me for life.

secret model mandi

Make sure to check out more of Scott’s work through his webpage and get in touch with him. As you can see, does some amazing work.


secret model mandi

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