Nutek Wheels – Audi R8 GT

When the Audi R8 was introduced in 2006, it immediately caught our attention as a platform for something great.  Over the years, the car has only improved.  Feedback from the original version conveyed that the 414 horsepower 4.2L V8 left some speed to be desired.

Two years later, Audi unveiled the R8 V10, churning out a much more supercar-appropriate with 525 HP thanks to a power plant based off on the LP-560 motor shared by Lamborghini.  This took care of the speed issue for the most part, and shortly thereafter, Audi responded again to industry demands and released a soft-top Spyder trim of the popular supercar.

Although being a supercar, its somewhat timid styling is a feature that we found attractive about the R8.  It has a subtle aggressiveness that is not as flashy as a Ferrari or Maserati, yet even we will admit that there is potential for a more antagonizing look.

For $196,800 you can have an R8 V10 that has gone a step further.  Appropriately named the R8 GT, it comes with a fixed rear wing, front bumper canards, and red brake calipers to show off its extra 27 HP and 220 lbs. in dropped weight.

So here we are with the ultimate R8.  Nothing else is left, right?  Wrong.  Our friends at Nutek Wheels decided the current platform was missing one last piece to the puzzle – the ultimate wheel.

The Nutek 708 Series Concave Wheel was the right design for the job.  With race inspired styling and a menacing matte black finish, the 20 x 11 inch set in the rear and 20 x 9 inch pair in the front, most definitely compliment the car perfectly.  We have been extremely impressed with what Nutek has had to offer so far, be sure to check back often for more!