Top 10 Ultimate Dream Car Garages

For the past three months we have showcased some of the worlds most stunning car collections. To rank these in order of top 100 was no easy feat and what was even harder was choosing the best 10 dream car garages. This last segment features a nice mixture of vehicles but with an emphasis on modifications since you know we love our cars modified here at Secret. Enjoy the Top 10 and make sure to check back at the previous 9 parts…

#10 – Las Vegas entrepreneur with questionable business practices…

#9 – All those cars and a Mini Cooper? Whatever floats their boat…

#8 – SP Engineering founder’s collection. Perfection with the added JDM flavor…

#7 – Top Gun Customz founder showcases his horsepower addiction. The Gallardo went 240+ MPH…

#6 – Preston Henn, former racer and owner of Swap Shop in Florida. One of the few owners allowed to keep their Ferrari FXX…

#5 – Peaks insane garage. Not pictured: all SEVEN Ford GT’s or the private jet…

#4 – Nelson’s big balling with two Veyrons. One being a Grand Sport Sang Grey Carbon…

#3 – RufMD’s personal collection. A true car enthusiast…

#2 – SW’s addiction to mod his cars can be seen with ALL his cars modded. Including a Twin Turbo Scuderia and Gallardo. Love the mix or old school American muscle and modern day exotics….

#1 – The best of the best. Nothing less…

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