The Secret Entourage CLS55 AMG

Silver CLS55 AMG

Secret Entourage’s Mercedes has been delivered: The 2006 Mercedes Benz CLS55 AMG.

We chose the CLS55 because power, styling and luxury combine effortlessly with this AMG. We wanted to go with the S63 first but decided on the CLS55 based on its much younger appearance and fun factor. Here is a little background about the CLS55 and photo shoot of our two amazing super cars next to each other.

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Project “Executive” CLS55 AMG starts NOW

Mercedes CLS55 AMG 360 forged wheels

We warned you that our Lamborghini Project was on hold after phase 2 due to the winter months in the Mid Atlantic region. This has not stopped us from picking up our latest addition to the family which was a 2006 CLS55 AMG.  We unveiled our CLS55 earlier this month in a photo shoot along with our Lamborghini. We had originally decided to keep this car entirely stock as a daily driver the Secret Entourage family would use, but who are we kidding…that’s near impossible! We dont keep anything stock at Secret Entourage, we modify everything we own in an effort to remain unique, so without adieu, here we go!

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Project CLS55 AMG “Executive” Update

CLS55 AMG 360 forged

Our Project CLS55 AMG “executive” is coming to a wrap just as the winter weather is starting to go away. Here is an update on our car as it is about to be going on sale to make room for some summer exotic cars. We have yet to decided what will replace this beast but a Bentley GT or Aston Martin Vantage are looking like promising choices. Last time we showed you our CLS55 AMG, it was barely driven as we had just acquired it. Well, it isn’t stock anymore…

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Project Mercedes CLS55 AMG “Executive” Complete

cls55 amg

The time has come for us to part ways with our beautiful and adored Mercedes CLS55 AMG. This beauty was with us since last September and she is off to a good home locally, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for her driving around. Here is a final update on our project and one last photo shoot for all you Mercedes AMG lovers. The award winning designed CLS55 AMG is the sexiest 4 door we have ever owned and this particular one was one the cleanest ones in the country…

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