Project “Executive” CLS55 AMG starts NOW

Mercedes CLS55 AMG 360 forged wheels

We warned you that our Lamborghini Project was on hold after phase 2 due to the winter months in the Mid Atlantic region. This has not stopped us from picking up our latest addition to the family which was a 2006 CLS55 AMG.  We unveiled our CLS55 earlier this month in a photo shoot along with our Lamborghini. We had originally decided to keep this car entirely stock as a daily driver the Secret Entourage family would use, but who are we kidding…that’s near impossible! We dont keep anything stock at Secret Entourage, we modify everything we own in an effort to remain unique, so without adieu, here we go!

360 forged cls55

When we decided to start our CLS55 AMG project, we wanted to retain the OEM appearance of the car as much as possible, while discerning elegance with a hint of “bad ass”. As we always do, we decided to start with wheels and tires which our friends at wheel boutique in Florida volunteered to help with. We chose to go with a classic and mean looking 360 Forged wheel, the “Straight 5″ 20” in brushed silver centers with chrome lips. Staying close to the OEM 5 star design was key here as we want to retain an elegant look, rather than one that simply draws attention. The tires of choice were of course the new Nitto Invo in 245 and 305 sizes respectively. We chose the Nitto Invo as they are a great balance of performance and beauty and are respectively well priced for their Z rating.

360 forged straight 5 wheels

Lowering the car will also be necessary and we decided to go with Renntech for all of our suspension and performance needs this time around. We decided to go with their lowering module, along with their carbon fiber airbox and finally their supercharger pulley. We expect to range somewhere in the high 480 Hp exceed 550 Lbs TRQ at the wheels. Suspension would get lowered about 1.5 inch on all 4 corners.

carbon fiber front lip for cls55

On the outside, we remain almost entirely OEM as we believe the CLS design to simply be timeless, which means the less we do, the classier we remain. We have however reached out to Carlsson for one of their carbon fiber front spoiler lips which should contrast the front end a bit and make the stance of the CLS55 more aggressive. We will follow that carbon fiber to the main grill and finally to the rear diffuser as well. The car will be completed with a set of yellow Brembo brakes which will be used to offset the silver wheel color and perfect match our Lamborghini Gallardo color theme.

360 forged wheels

Our CLS55 AMG will undergo all these changes and be back in play in the next few weeks, when we will bring you a special bonus model with our fully completed “Executive” CLS55 AMG. Enjoy this preview of Jordan’s CLS55AMG. It was our inspiration for our project.