Aston Vantage Project “Heaven” Phase 2

d2forged secret entourage vantage

A month has passed, and we have enjoyed putting an additional 2000 miles on our Aston Martin Vantage but as you all know time has come to start modifying this one of a kind Vantage. We last mentioned that we were going to call on a few sponsors to help us build the most stunning Aston Martin in the country and we had laid somewhat of a road map on the various modifications we might go with on this project. This month, we have solidified a plan and project “Heaven” is well underway…

Lets take a moment and introduce our sponsors as well as some of the components they will be providing for the project…

aston martin vantage d2 forged wheels

D2 Forged, which needs no introduction, was the first to step up to the plate and accept to sponsor our Aston Martin Vantage. If you haven’t already done so, then please read more about Derrick and Stephan and their vision of D2. They are known for their great taste and the quality of their wheels, but it is really their classy, clean and original designs that caught our attention.

D2 Forged and D2 Auto Sport have been kind enough to provide us with a set of their D2 Forged VS1 wheels in 20” format. Derrick and I went back and forth for a few days till we decided that the wheels should be silver centered with chrome lips, this way our calipers would also match the centers of the wheels and keep the car classic. Using D2 Forged’s max lip system, they were able to pull out a 3” lip from the rear with some very flush and aggressive offsets. D2 Forged wrapped our wheels with some beautiful Pirelli Pzero Nero with an aggressive 305 rear size and shipped them straight to us.

aston vantage d2 forged vs1

D2 Auto Sport (owned by D2 Forged) provided us with H&R suspension components to make sure the look is complete by dropping it about an inch on all four corners. Ride quality wasn’t impacted too bad, and cornering abilities of our Vantage have improved significantly due to suspension combined with the wider tire setup.

All of this made possible because of our friends at D2, so make sure to check em out and tell Derrick and Stephan that Secret Entourage sent you for the best possible deals on a set of wheels for your car.

d2forged vs1 wheels

Velocity AP, our power sponsor will be working closely with us in the months to come to make sure that power never becomes an issue. Velocity AP tuning is well known in the tuning industry for their great ECU tuning programs as well as their self made power components. They are currently best known for their Aston Martin and Lamborghini product lines, which are some of the best found out there. Owning both a Lamborghini and an Aston Martin made picking Velocity AP a no brainer.

Velocity AP Tuning led by Stuart Dickinson and his team will be helping Secret Entourage by providing key components to help our Vantage find its way to 500HP in no time.

Velocity AP tuning will provide the latest “Sport” Exhaust to ensure power gains and an incredible sound, coupled with a pair of their 200 Cell Cats and air filters. All parts are made in house an therefore Velocity AP is the brand of their components putting us at ease knowing so many years of experience are behind their products. The final component will be to ship our ECU and have them reprogram it to make sure our car runs at its optimal performance level. A further breakdown of each component and its impact on the car will be demonstrated in our monthly updates, so plenty of data and reviews to come on all of those awesome parts Velocity Tuning will be providing.


Make sure to Check out their website and stay tuned, as we will be bringing you the real story behind Stuart’s success in our Secret to Success column.

The Vantage Collection, our last sponsor for our project Aston will be working closely to finish off our car for us in terms of aesthetics. The Vantage Collection is based out of California and England. The company is led by concept car cesigner Nicholas who creates some of the most unique and beautiful pieces of carbon fiber for the Aston Martin marque. The company offers some of the highest quality carbon fiber found anywhere but designs and creates all the pieces from scratch. They offer the most comprehensive line of carbon and interior products found anywhere for all the various Aston Martin models.

vantage collection diffuser

Nicholas agreed to provide us with a stunning DBS style carbon fiber rear diffuser as well a front splitter, both of which will be giving our Vantage the aggressive look it deserves. We are especially excited about the rear diffuser as it is a very rare piece that we have yet to see on any other car. The Vantage Collection will also be re designing some of our interior components providing the upper door panels in Piano wood to match our center console and create a level of luxury inside our Vantage that has not been done yet. They will also be completing our interior with a collaboration of our two logos custom embroidered on some premium floor mats and rear mat, making sure everyone knows that this is the Secret Entourage Vantage.

Make sure to check out all about the Vantage Collection, and look for Nicholas’s Secret to Success Story in the upcoming months, we are pretty convinced that you will want to hear all about his career and how interesting his life is.

secret entourage aston martin vantage

We hope you enjoyed this detailed overview of the various companies and components that will complete our project car in the next few months.  A big thank you to our three sponsors who have stepped up and agreed to help us with our project. Make sure to visit their sites as well as Secret Entourage monthly for updates on Aston “Heaven”.

We leave you with a preview of things to come…

model with aston martin