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Project Maserati Quattroporte “Mafia BOSS” – Phase 1

secret entourage project mafia boss

You joined us last month as we unveiled our outline for “Mafia BOSS” and all the sponsors participating in the project. This month we are going to break down exhaust options and do a full review of why we feel Larini was the best possible exhaust option for our Quattroporte.

Picking an exhaust for an exotic can be somewhat frustrating as the costs can be very different ranging from $2000-$8000 and honestly all promise to do just about the same in terms of horsepower. The real difference however lies in the sound which ultimately in an exotic car is much more important than the 1-2 hp difference you attain from each exhaust. Now the real problem remains that the only way you can get a real gauge of sound is when you hear it in person as clips can be deceiving and misleading.

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Cars & Coffee – West Palm Beach Edition

Blancpain Gallardo

Secret Entourage was recently invited to West Palm Beach Lamborghini for a unique opportunity to meet some of South Florida’s brightest and greatest entrepreneurs with only one thing in common: Lamborghini.  From the official Blancpain race car to some of the rarest LP640 Lamborghini cars, there was enough for for any car lover to feel like they were in a candy store; the more impressive part however were the people behind the cars…

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Outgrowing The World Around You

We discussed the importance of the ones you choose to allow around yourself and the significance of their role in your success. What about those that you simply outgrow and outlive?  I’ve been having many discussions with people around me as to what the perfect entourage looks like and why its very important that you surround yourself with like minded individuals that share similar goals and strive for an equal level of elevated success just as you do. So how can you come to the conclusion of who really is on that same platform and playing by the same rules?

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ADV1 Saga – Introducing the California!

Its hard to argue that Ferrari has indeed nailed it with the California as one of the best looking exotic convertibles on the market. Despite not being as fast as the Ferrari 458 Italia, it is extremely good looking and comes with 4 seats which as you know is quite rare in an exotic sports car. When Ferrari made the California, it simply had no idea that ADV1 would take it to that next level with its new Track Spec wheel line up. A match made in heaven might be understatement for this one, as this is by far one of the most beautiful Ferrari cars we have ever encountered in person. Introducing Jordan Swerdloff’s new toy, the ADV1 California.

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D2 Forged: Introducing The Light Weight Concave Wheel

d2forged cv3

What is the meeting point where design and functionality meet when creating a wheel? When does one decide if looks are more important than performance? What if there was that one wheel that didn’t require you to sacrifice looks for performance or vice versa? Well, the team at D2 Forged says they have finally perfected their latest wheel: The CV3 to be just that. An uncompromising wheel that combines the looks of the 3 piece concave designs that have taken the world by storm with the weight of a monoblock which allows for breakthrough performance.

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Secret to Success – Seth Rose

Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Seth Rose took a leap of faith and discontinued college 2 years in. This risk allowed him to dedicate his full time to his new car stereo business. After several business ventures, they sold one after another and he is now retired and financially debt free way before many people are even thinking about retirement. We sit down with Seth to learn more about his secret to success.

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ART of Entrepreneurship – Differentiating your Brand

In the world of entrepreneurship, ideas are only the beginning and execution is only the medium to creating a brand. Brands often take years to be recognized regardless of how much money you spend. It can take more than 20 years for a brand to become  a household name, sometimes even generations pass before people notice a new brand or product. Ultimately some brands never become recognized and either live in the shadows of the bigger players in the same field or disappear as a failed brand/business but ultimately what is it that makes a brand become what its owner envisioned it to once be?

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