Outgrowing The World Around You

We discussed the importance of the ones you choose to allow around yourself and the significance of their role in your success. What about those that you simply outgrow and outlive?  I’ve been having many discussions with people around me as to what the perfect entourage looks like and why its very important that you surround yourself with like minded individuals that share similar goals and strive for an equal level of elevated success just as you do. So how can you come to the conclusion of who really is on that same platform and playing by the same rules?

There is an important factor that you should never underestimate when it comes to dealing with friends, family and those around you, that factor is your emotions which we discussed can lead to your downfall. When dealing with people, emotions are often the reason why we make poor decisions and allow a clouded judgment to take over and dictate our course of action. We discussed the power of control over your emotions in Stay Poor and how making logical decisions enables to think well above others who cannot control their emotions, therefore being more successful in your day to day thinking.

When thinking of your entourage and considering your level of success, you must be quick at deciding what makes sense for you and how to go about only having around you positive people who encourage your growth and feel privileged to be part of your success. In other words, taking away all those negative people who are simply blind of the bigger picture due to their inability to keep up with their surroundings.

How can you spot out those in your group who ultimately choose negativity out of envy for your life? Quite simply by listening to the cues and clues they give out in their day to day behaviors. Negative people will tend to undertake one of the following techniques.

  • They will spread the word that you are arrogant and changing, that you feel superior to the world.
  • They will speak negatively of things you enjoy participating in like sports or hobbies.
  • They will automatically consider your business ideas “stupid”
  • They will attempt to get others in the group to agree against you
  • They will avoid direct contact with you in single settings. They will only be there as part of a larger group.

There are other ways of course they will attempt to manifest their dislike of the situation but ultimately avoidance and self inclusion will be in their every move. This is very normal and to be expected as you start moving up through the ranks in society and live a better life. Some will never be strong enough to act upon their dreams and goals and therefore will automatically lose when faced with driven individuals who do actually progress in their lifestyle towards their goals.

How should you react? My personal advice to you is to separate yourself by creating even more space between you and them, and choose to upgrade those around you. The ones who are ultimately in admiration for your progress and genuinely like you will follow along with you in your new group of friends/peers because ultimately their loyalty is to you as an individual and not to your success.

Learning to look at your entourage without engaging in emotions due to the time frame you have known someone or the past experiences you have had together makes you ultimately the one in control of your surrounding and in control of your success. Make sure to not be blind of your surrounding and understand the true value that those around you bring to your life and future success.