Why Jordan Price is a Genius for Saying Apple Sucks


How do you stand out in a crowd of thousands of resumes when you are looking for a job? You make sure everyone knows why you left your old one.

While many people would say that Jordan was an idiot for publicly calling out his old employer Apple, we say that kid is bound to get hired by someone else much faster. Everyone is aware that poor working conditions and poor leadership will get anyone to quit and Jordan’s detail on why he quit are not a really a blow to Apple but rather a blow to poor leadership. None of his comments state anything negative about Apple’s technology, productivity, and brand image. Instead, his beef is with his immediate supervisor who seems to have forgotten the word leadership is about leading others, not just supervising them. If half of the allegations made by Jordan of his supervisor are true, then he certainly deserves to be called out and put on the spot.

Reality is that many organizations would still hire Jordan despite the negative publicity he stirred up for his employer. While many believe that doing so shows poor judgment, it also allowed Jordan to be featured on just about every major online and offline publication out there and he has now made the world aware of what he does for a living and that he is looking for a job. None of his remarks were bashing Apple or its other employees. The concerns were valid enough that plenty of strong-minded leaders won’t look at that as a negative, especially in the startup space. While his move was bold, it really enabled him to get his 15 min of fame and we are pretty sure he won’t regret it any time soon.

The most surprising part is that Apple has yet to respond to something that has gone so viral.