What Motivates You?

There’s always something we look towards for motivation. Do you know what “it” is?Each month we bring you new motivational articles to continue to help you during your journey to success. The core component of success is to be fearless and acting upon the opportunities that are presented to you. Each time I write a different article I try to reach as many of you as possible, so that if the message was unclear in one, then it becomes clearer with the next article and so on and so forth until we have more people understand how much of their success is dependent upon themselves. One of the main factors that we never have discussed previously is to actually find something that you can view over an over again and remain inspired no matter how many time you look at it, feel it or experience it. So what motivates you?

Through my own years of growth, I realized that self-motivation is very important and one of the main differentiators of those that reach their goals and those that don’t. The power to cause results on your own without any help, guidance or reminders is a skill that not many possess, but it is within all of us. It simply needs to be found. It is as simple as saying “ How badly do you want it?” and then reminding ourselves of what “it” really is and how we are on the right path to reaching it.

By bringing you these articles, I am hoping that you benefit from them and are able at some point to separate yourself from them and pass them on to others that you feel could benefit from them, as you no longer need them.

I want to share with you what “it” was for me just a few years back in hopes that you will find what motivates the drive to your success.

A few years back I watched this video which was a remade montage of a Top Gear episode. This particular footage despite being nothing more than a remake of a famous episode resonated with me because of its presentation, colors, and music which when put together created a world that I wanted to experience, a world above and beyond any that simple wealth could reach. This world to me was like my final destination and still remains the destination to reach on a long-term basis. Finding a long-term goal and knowing what success looks like to you is a very important factor in your rise to the top. Success is different for all of us and is perceived differently by everyone BUT the truth of the matter remains that striving for success should be within all of us. We can succeed no matter what if we can visualize and understand what our goals are.

This video to me signifies a long-term goal, one that I cannot easily reach, and one that drive, dedication, hard work and education will enable me to reach. As much as it is distant, it is what I hold closest to my heart everyday.

If you don’t know what motivates you, I would say keep reading and you eventually will find “it” and distinguish for yourself why it is YOUR definition of success and no matter what others tell you, you will strive for it knowing its within your hands to reach.