Ferrari 458 Unveiled!

Secret Entourage had the pleasure to be recently invited to the unveiling of the Ferrari 458 Italia at the local Ferrari of Washington dealership. The evening was a very well put together reception which displayed numerous Ferrari cars like the Scuderia 16M, The California, and of course the all new 599 GTB. The best part of it all was that four Secret Entourage models were actually there that night to display the cars, and entertain the guests.

The night would only get better when one of our crew members couldn’t resist and had to take out his check book and write a $235,000 check for his very own brand new red Ferrari California…

One of the main highlights of the evening was obviously the 458 itself which was well displayed as the centerpiece of the showroom floor. We had featured this car a while back as Ferrari was getting ready to unveil it, but had never had a chance to really get a feel for one as we did that night. This particular example was being sold for $260,000 with no wait and was very well optioned with tons of Carbon Fiber on the interior, which made it real nice as it coupled with its bright red on tan color combo.

The Ferrari 458 in my eyes is by far an epic achievement for Ferrari, a company that has been posting losses for the past 3 years due to its enormous loss of market share to Lamborghini and Aston Martin, primarily due to it starting price point and it inability to offer a competitive product to counter the Gallardo or Vantage. This particular Ferrari is not cheap, but is targeting a much younger crowd with its performance, looks, drivability and low $200’s starting price point. This Ferrari will help boost Ferrari sales and help it regain its flagship image for creating stunning pieces of artwork but will it really put down the all mighty and powerful Lamborghini LP560 or the newly release Aston martin V12 Vantage, which both can be had for less money?

Regardless that this car actually puts Ferrari back on the map and help the company out of its financial downfalls, it is a step in the right direction for FIAT and Ferrari and may lead to us seeing a Ferrari selling for under $200,000 or not.

The night was simply amazing thanks to a great staff, spectacular models and great cars, but really highlighted by our friend buying his new Ferrari California and having it delivered to his house in order to be able to drive his Aston Martin DB9 home.

A special thank you to Ferrari of Washington for hosting and all the beautiful models for helping showcase the cars. So many women and cars made it difficult to concentrate but who are we to complain ☺