Tom Bilyeu – Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

Secret Entourage Entrepreneur Of The Year
Each year Secret Entourage welcomes a total of 52 new incredible Entrepreneurs to its existing line up of some of today’s brightest and innovative Entrepreneurs. Each Entrepreneur is selected based on 3 fundamentals, the first being the ability to have demonstrated a proven track record in the top 10% tier of their respective industries, the second being their genuine desire to help others by measuring their willingness to share real actionable advice with others, and finally their leadership skills assessed based on the impact they have made and are constantly making on others around them.

Out of those 52 incredible people, we recognize 1 person each year for their true exemplification of the word Entrepreneur and their commitment to upholding the values that constantly innovate and push the boundaries of their industries forward.

In 2014, we recognized Andy Frisella, the CEO of 1st Phorm, a very fast growing supplement company with a legendary approach to culture. While in 2015 we honored world famous chef and restauranteur Fabio Viviani who had single handedly built a network of restaurants doing 100M in sales starting with no money. Both incredible people who have not only been honored with the Secret Entourage Entrepreneur of the Year Award but whom are incredible believers of Secret Entourage’s mission to reshaping the future of self-education by making it relevant, affordable and impactful.

For 2016, Secret Entourage recognized yet another incredible Entrepreneur for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He has led as an industry leader in the nutrition space, has built a company that had in excess of 57,000% growth (that’s not a typo) and his company was also recognized in 2014 by INC. as the 2nd fastest growing company in America. If all these accomplishments weren’t enough, he has now shifted gears from helping the world be healthier to addressing people’s mental state of mind by helping other Entrepreneurs through his latest project called Impact Theory.

Secret Entourage proudly congratulates Tom Bilyeu, co-Founder of Quest Nutrition, host and founder of Impact Theory as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2016! It is with great honor that we welcome Tom in joining Andy and Fabio as one of today’s rare breed of Entrepreneur and incredible human being.

The impact that Tom has made on the nutrition industry with Quest Bars, as well as his commitment to fight metabolic disease is only the beginning of a long list of attributes that has made him the ideal candidate. His focus based on drive, vision and belief is one that is rarely seen in today’s modern Entrepreneurs and one that has not only led in the huge success and acceptance of Quest Nutrition, but also left a significant impact on its community, clients, partners, co-founders and more.

In this incredible 1 hour interview and celebration, you’ll see exactly how Tom thinks, what led to his success but we also give you a glimpse into his yet latest and incredible venture called Impact Theory, and amazing video based learning channel created to foster some of today’s greatest analytical minds in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others to finding their own success. We hope you enjoy this interview but also encourage you to check out Tom’s original interview where he discusses many of the details that helped propel Quest Nutrition to its long lasting success.

Make sure to check out more incredible Entrepreneurs in the Secret Academy in 2017 and stay tuned as we will yet pick one more elite Entrepreneur next year to continue in the tradition of honoring excellence.