The Pursuit of Happiness

We often judge our advancement in society by the amount of money we make each year, we often believe that if we do not make more money than the previous year, then we did not improve. But the reality remains that there are many ways we can improve our lives and ourselves and they don’t have anything to do with money. The pursuit of money has forever been the reason many become leaders but also the reason why they fall.

The balance we create in life for ourselves becomes the base for growth, this base then becomes the various grounds of improvement that we work on daily, weekly, yearly until we reach the perfect point of balance where they all meet.

These points are determined by you, however the basic ones that exist are as follow:
-Health and Wellness
-Personal Education
-Family Life
-Quality of life/ Attitude


It is useless to have money, and yet no one to share it with. It is useless to have money, but yet hate what you do, and it sure is useless to have money if you are going to die in a few years from poor health. It also goes without saying that each of these then creates a support and more opportunity for improvement of others. So when we are faced with recessions/ depressions or just simply terrible economic cycles, there are other ways for us to improve our lives that is not directly tied in with making money. This might be a good time for you to re-evaluate your goals and start achieving more in each category, so that you finally get on the pursuit of perfection.