Mercedes and IWC Collaboration

IWC: Famous and prestigious watch company.

Mercedes: Famous and Prestigious Luxury automobiles.

What do they have in common: The both have ordinary models and limited models, and now they are both working together to bring you a unique car and a matching unique watch.

CLS55 IWC Ingenieur

Their first masterpiece was the special edition of the CLS55 AMG IWC Ingenieur.

The car was retrofitted with special watch-like gauges, special copper paint, piano wood trim interior on brown leather and suede seats.

The result: the most stunningly beautiful CLS55 AMG ever created. 55 cars produced all with the matching numbered IWC AMG Ingenieur watch.

CLS55 IWC Ingenieur

For round 2, the collaboration between Mercedes and IWC returns to create a limited sports version. The new version will no longer be based off the CLS55 AMG but the newly redesigned SL63 AMG.

Production will be limited to 200 units. The car will be exclusively white with the same brown color interior but panels will be carbon fiber instead of piano black. The Sl63 AMG will also be equipped with a special 200 mph speedometer.

Of course a new high dollar IWC watch will be included with the car and will be numbered as in the first batch. Price and availability has not been released yet.

Mercedes SL63 AMG IWC Ingenieur