The Perspective of Perception!

There are some who see things for what they are, others who see them as they believe and others only as they’ve seen them before. Which viewpoint do you have?

So many viewpoints, disagreements and conflicts around the same topic for the same outcome. In a world where perception is more real than actual reality, comes the problem of understanding one another. So how do you form a perspective and how do you absorb one’s perspective to see beyond it and get to the reality?

I often say our perspective comes from two places: our belief and how much we see. This perspective is then formed and stays with us till the very end while impacting every other decision we make in between based on how we perceive life.

How does belief impact perception?

Here goes the simplest explanation. What dictates right from wrong? Is it religious belief? Is it a book? Is it our parents and their beliefs? But then I ask you who taught them? Regardless of where we get our belief, it has a very high impact on our judgment which leads to a perspective we create based on what we know. The real problem is that when we see others act outside of our belief and existing perception, we think they are crazy or simply arrogant and unworthy. A perfect example of this is the never ending argument of which religion fits the equation best.

What do we see?

Earlier I said that belief and perception impact what you see. You see what you believe as that’s what you have been trained to see since day 1. Think about the typical car salesman and the invoice trick. You are told to not believe car salesman as the general thought from ages ago is that they are all crooks and therefore you are now shown an invoice as to what the cost of your car was and that you are being sold that car below invoice making it a good deal, but you are taught that and therefore believe that. There is of course 2 different invoices tied to each car but you are not told to see that and therefore miss it and dismiss it.

perception pyramid

How do we see more?

Knowledge is power and knowing what to look for differentiates leaders from followers. Think of it in the simplest form. The more you know about the reality of things, then the closer to reality your perception becomes and therefore the more REAL opportunities you see from passive ones. If you are aware of the car market and real values that cars hold, you are not as impressed at the individual in a Mercedes driving by or by a Maserati that trades at values below 30K. The same rules apply if you are buying a car in the example above and understand that 2 invoices exist. This same concept pretty much applies to all aspects of business, from understanding how to read your clients and their true intentions to being able to differentiate a real opportunity from an MLM scam. Learning to choose to see more makes us better and more successful in every way and enables us to move further and differentiating ourselves from the crowds around us. This differentiation allows others to look at us as leaders or experts in the field at hand and therefore wish to follow us to learn more. There is no real trick to perception other than accepting reality for what it is “just reality” and not making excuses as to why things are a certain way but rather finding a way to see them always for nothing more than their face value in an emotionless state.

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