Art of Entrepreneurship – Consistency and Alignment

When we start a business we often hold a vision of what our work might look like when its done but unfortunately 9/10 times the actual results are far from what we expected to look like. The power of a vision is that it gives you a road map or a marker as to what you wish to accomplish but unfortunately never gives you the final answer. No one has a crystal ball, no one has all the answers and no one knows what the final outcome looks like but…

As entrepreneurs we hold the great ability to remain flexible and constantly tweak our plans of execution to lead to any desired outcome, no matter what it looks like today. We ultimately hold the ability to go from a totally failed idea to a game changer in the matter of minutes, as long as we choose to focus on the overall picture and allow change and ideas to help take their place in our business models.

We discussed the importance of execution and how it aligns to our ultimate goals. In this case it is no different as ultimately the consistent execution and implementation of change is necessary while keeping an emotional disconnect from the fact that our idea can evolve despite maybe not having thought of that path originally. The passion we hold for our idea does not have to change but the emotionless approach to your objective and welcoming a change that may not be in your heart of  something you originally imagined or a route you saw yourself taking makes you a successful entrepreneur.

What if it doesn’t work? Many people will eventually give up on an idea, simply because it isn’t working out in their favor in the first year or two, discarding the idea and thinking it is stupid but the real failure isn’t the idea but rather the entrepreneur who chooses to give up on his belief of himself and his execution. You may remember that earlier we discussed the simple fact that an idea is worthless without an execution, and so the idea itself is never wrong or broken but rather the execution of bringing that idea to life becomes the center focus of the failure which is even better as execution can be re-executed in a totally different manner and therefore create an entirely outcome, one perhaps much closer to the outcome you originally envisioned.

Successful entrepreneurs don’t know anything about giving up nor do they speak the language of failure but rather looked at every failed attempt as an opportunity to out execute themselves and once again win, which at the end of the day becomes more important as winning the game is the ultimate reward even more so than the monetary one associated with victory.

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