The Number One Question We Get Asked Most


One of the most asked about questions on Instagram when we post images of exotic cars or motivational quotes is “How do I get started?” Starting and succeeding are two completely different things and I believe the reason many of you ask us this question is not because you don’t know what to start or where to start, but rather because you are afraid to start something that will not succeed.

Starting a business is as easy as 1-2-3 and all you have to do is simply pick a name, pick a concept, and finally register your business. All of which can be done for less than a $100. The reality is that starting a business is easy, but succeeding in business takes something special. It takes a person to know themselves and be able to push your own boundaries around perseverance, habit, belief, and self-education.

This is why many of today’s new businesses fail quickly because those that start them never planned to finish them; they simply planned to get rich which has no correlation with building a business.

You don’t have to invent a great idea or do something that has never been done before to start a business; you simply have to identify what you are passionate about and talented at and then ask yourself who has a need for you?

If you can identify 100 people that do, then that’s a good enough reason to start. Start by simply understanding that a new business is not about selling a good or service, but rather about you selling yourself to a small audience and eventually to a mass audience.

If you still don’t know where to start, then perhaps simply start investing in yourself. Taking action starts with self-education which is often forgotten or neglected due to the fact that people often look for a return on their investment, even if it is their time.

If you have been following my last article about rewiring your brain to become more efficient at learning, you would remember that the one differentiator between successful people and those who simply give up is that one plans further ahead while the other one moves only at the pace of the rewards they receive. It is often the lack of reward in the early stages that turns off many people from entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Entrepreneurship is more about you, than it is about an idea, innovation, or the rewards. It is about one person’s determination to bring forth a change they see as a possibility. A change that almost no one else sees meaning that its become very personal and while this change, idea, or venture may not magically appear in front of you daily, it will become more and more evident as you progress through your life.

The key is to make sure that when you can see it with clarity, you are prepared to act on it, and are better equipped mentally to stay the course till you see your vision come to life. If you don’t know where to start, start by investing in you and remember that’s the whole reason I wrote Third Circle Theory.