The Best Movies for Entrepreneurs You Didn’t Think Of


At SE, we simply love movies and believe every entrepreneur should too. While many will say they are a distraction, we are big believers that they are encouragement and in most cases re-enforce important messages that we may not think of each and every day. We promise not to spoil the movies for you.

Cloud Atlas: Everything is connected.

Probably one of our all time favorite movies, Cloud Atlas is one smart movie that you will have to watch multiple times to really decipher, but trust us when we say it certainly is worth it. It connects all of the human emotions and life events that define a person’s existence through the connections of multiple generations. Sounds complicated? Well it is but certainly will make you rethink of what your life stands for.

Wall Street: Once a wolf, always a wolf.

A classic look into the boom of wall street and its hard fall but also how devastating and cold the world can be when money becomes the only currency. Some great lessons about supply and demand and the cycle the economy goes through. A must see for Entrepreneurs who are not so versed with wall street and the economy.

Great Gatsby: A vision that became an illusion.

The Great Gatsby, a man whose vision for greatness and his future made him a millionaire gangster only with a wish to relive his past one more time. A great look into a man’s belief turned into an obsession out of control. There is a lot of great motivational pieces as well as a killer soundtrack that will make you feel as if you were right there.

The Internship: Following your dreams despite all odds.

If you don’t think that this is an Entrepreneur movie, you are very correct cause its not. It is a great comedy about two guys taking control over their life and helping each other to the finish line. A great underdog story full of laughs and a good showcase that business is about people, not about making money. It also is a bonus look inside Google.

Lord of War: Downfalls of getting lost in money.

 Nicholas Cage in what we define to be his best performance ever as a war lord whose desire for fulfillment and money takes him to down a path of destruction both on a personal and professional level. A great look into the life of on man; struggle to find what he is good at and how far he will go. Its quite a raw movie and not for those weak hearted people.

Rush: Passion vs defiance.

The true story of two race car drivers whose entirely different motivations come to clash on the race track. An amazing story of precision vs boldness and the constant pursuit of victory. Make sure to pay attention to the sub message about knowing when to quit.

V for Vendetta:  Ideas are powerful

From the producers of The Matrix, and set in England. V does a great job showing the effects of fear on a nation coupled with the government taking advantage of the media. A great look into the making of a 10 year conspiracy and one man’s determination to break the system with his belief.

Vanilla Sky: Consequences of your decisions.

Another one of our favorite movies featuring Tom Cruise as a Billionaire trust fund baby with a reckless life. His lack of control over his love life spirals into a series of disasters showcasing how the smallest decisions can lead to the biggest catastrophes’.  There is a series of really interesting twists so pay attention.

The Counselor: The grass is not always greener on the other side.

A movie that did poorly on the review side but features a dark look into the life of a lawyer who becomes associated with the undesirables when he represents a cartel leader. The struggle of one man fighting to find the devil’s nicer side while maintaining his relationship.

Jobs: If you don’t get it, go back to working for someone else.

The famous Steve Jobs played by Ashton Kutcher in this incredible inside look into the amazing beginning of what is today one of the greatest and most profitable companies ever built. If you seriously don’t know who Steve Jobs is, then you shouldn’t become an Entrepreneur.