The 1 Thing That Differentiates Successful People From The Rest

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We have been reading quite a bit out there on habits of successful people, how successful people think differently, or even habits of highly productive people. Many articles with great info but all of them rambling on with what we obviously already know. All of them point to one thing, yet never really say it…

Successful people have a greater sense of free will. That’s it!

When you understand that everything around you is in your control, you start worrying less and you start doing more. Think of free will as a supplement to your belief system. When you believe you can do something, this sense of free will helps you start thinking of execution, growth, and you immediately act on your belief. By acting more and worrying less, you achieve more and the domino effect continues until you succeed.

How do you open your mind to expand your acceptance of your very own free will?

You need to switch your mindset from being so dead set in its way to a mind capable of sustaining growth. The process is simple but requires you to do these three things directly from your default setting.

You take negative criticism better: Many successful people will tell you that part of their success comes from their ability to take in information without an emotional reaction. This is very critical when dealing with criticism, as we tend to be emotional when people criticize us, or things that are dear to us.

Most unsuccessful people tend to argue with criticism and push back with a need to justify their actions, while successful people simply listen, take it in and then choose if they want to act on it.

When you have a greater sense of free will, you realize that changing yourself is also in your hands and therefore understand that there is a ton of value from understanding how people perceive something, and receiving such information is valuable regardless of its accuracy or need to take action on.

You are always open to learning: The best way to grow your mind as we broke down in the Third Circle Theory is to be exposed to new information, and therefore never stop being a sponge. One of the biggest flaws that the unsuccessful carry with them is their need for just as much information as they need to carry on. Very few times will you witness an unsuccessful person wanting to learn something or take curiosity to something that they have no need for.

A good example here is religion, most people (unfortunately, most are unsuccessful) will only understand their own religion, rather than examine and study all major religions in order to simply understand the differences in cultures and the power of diversity. While they only see one side of the equation, their minds are easily impacted by media, propaganda, and other non sense.

Successful people, on the other hand, are always open and typically seek information in order to understand the scope of a situation or simply being well rounded. More knowledge is more power, and a better understanding of your environment also means a greater sense of free will.

You live for the experience, not the chase: While the rewards of hard work are nice, and allow us to progress mentally, they are looked at very differently by successful and unsuccessful people. One works for money, the other leverages the experience and learning for a later bigger payday.

While money and work are only one way to look at this, the real difference lies in the understanding that there is a significant amount of learning to be done from experience and sometimes the money must take second place to the experience itself.

Millionaire Louie Spagnuolo did say to us in his Academy episode that he took an internship at a mortgage firm going from making six figures to making nothing. He did it to gain a very deep understanding of the system from within, and while it was a great move for him and seemed like a no brainer; it is extremely difficult for someone unsuccessful to make that same move. The value is simply not there for them and therefore they always will chose anything with a guarantee.

Three simple changes you can implement today to expand your fixed mindset and grow your sense of free will and perhaps just enough to cross that fine line between success and failure.