That Negative Guy!

It’s funny how the world around us is full of negativity, people that put down anything you do or say, people that simply don’t believe in anything others are doing and people that simply won’t give something new a chance till its something big that others are doing. No matter where, what and when there is always some sort of rejection hanging around us somewhere.

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to never get it? Why they always seem to be against you, instead of help you?

The answer is so much simpler than you think… It’s because they are afraid to look in a mirror. It the simplest answer of them all, most people are just afraid to face the truth.

The truth is their laziness and bad decisions which have led them to who they are today, is the reason most negativity exists in people around you. If you think about who is around you and why are they putting down your idea, its usually because they don’t have one or are not willing to come up with one. If you succeed and prove that someone on their level can do it, then they are faced with looking in the mirror and having to face why they couldn’t do it…so to them you should not succeed. Look at the person that is giving you feedback or putting down your idea, look at their life, look at what they do and ask yourself if that’s the image of your perfect life and then ask yourself ” Why am I listening to that guy?”

Rejection is no different than attempting to enter a house and you find yourself stuck without a key, if you really want to enter then you will find a way and achieve the same outcome going through a different path.

Obstacles are around us everywhere, no one said making it would be easy and without sacrifice, no one said it would come on your first attempt. Those of us that choose to succeed are those that actually make it, because obstacles are no more danger than rejection as they are temporary and usually have a fix around them. Obstacles are meant to have you rethink your strategy and enable you to differentiate yourself from the competition by overcoming them. The pace at which you overcome them also enables you to outrun your competition which will most likely be faced with similar obstacles.

So remember that when you meet that guy, the one that seems to always give you stupid or negative feedback… then just look at him and evaluate if you really want to be like him…if not, then simply walk away…no need to even justify why you do what you do.