Selling Your Website If All Else Fails

As our how to make money online month comes near an end, by now you should have a website up and running with steady traffic going to it. Unfortunately, not everything works out as planned. Sometimes you don’t have the time or patience, other times you select the wrong niche and aren’t making enough money as predicted. Although these are semi-valid reasons, there is an exit strategy as well…

We aren’t a big fan of people who quit but under the right circumstances, it could happen. A lot of time and a little bit of money goes into setting an affiliate marketing website. That’s just the way it works and is inevitable. The good thing is that every website has a price. The value of your website depends on several factors:

Domain -A very keyword rich domain could potentially make or break the sale of your website. Many people actually earn a living buying domains and flipping them for a profit.

Unique Visitors -The number of visitors your website receives, as well as other demographics such as referring locations, location, page views, etc.

Followers -A combination of all your current followers for that particular website whether it is through email, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, RSS feeds, etc.

Income – The amount of money you’ve earned on a monthly and/or yearly basis.

Age – Any new website for sale just means someone put something together in order to make a quick buck. The older the website, the more likely there is real value within.

Although there are minor factors in dictating the value of your website, these are the main criteria many people look at. A domain with your main keywords helps with search engine marketing. The amount of hits you have should be on a steady incline and must be verified. Followers are important because that allows you to engage with your audience. A website made for affiliate marketing is generally valued at amount of profit is generated through the year then multiplied about 1.5x or 2x that number. So a website that earns about $1000 a year could be sold at the minimum $1500 or $2000. That value can go up with various factors such as database of users, features, followers, growth, etc.

Now you can sell your website at several affiliate marketing forums but we recommend going directly to a website specializing in website sales. Our recommending is through Flippa is like the eBay of website listings. You can list or buy websites on their website. Websites take the form of a auction or set price.

Although Flippa is great for small scale sales, if you think you have the next Myspace then we recommend going through W3 Business Advisors. Ian, our latest success story, shared with us how he sold one of his websites for $400,000 on W3 Business Advisors.

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