Someone Stole the Pot of Gold Before You Got There


They say there is a pot of gold at the base of every rainbow, and its usually guarded by a powerful leprechaun. The only problem is the path to the gold is not paved so the bricks will have to be laid one at time creating a road to the gold.

I often get asked by people why I don’t like teaching others how to make money, and even though I wrote a whole piece step by step on how to become a millionaire, I still choose to not be “that guy” that sells the idea of making money and instead of telling you why. I decided to tell you an analogy involving a leprechaun and a rainbow instead. By the end of it, you might change your mind as to why following other peoples step by step guides to making money is pointless.

Imagine that the rainbow is “your vision” and that the leprechaun is the “obstacles” along the way. The gold can be translated into “ the reward” at the end of the journey, and the forest in between the gold and you, is the path you have to take as the “unknown” that entrepreneurship can be.

When you see the rainbow, and decide to cross the forest to get to the gold, you are taking a chance and believing in yourself as you know you will have to face the leprechaun. But it is ultimately your ability to create a path or road to the gold that no one sees or has previously created that will eventually lead you to the gold itself.

While many of the leprechaun’s tricks will keep you from reaching your goal in one straight shot, the most determined and resourceful of entrepreneurs will still be able to ensure the end of their path leads to that gold. Once you get there, and have access to that gold, you and you alone, may not be able to carry all of it but you certainly have enough time to get as much of it as you can before others discover the bricks you laid and also see that same rainbow.

While many will follow your foot steps, they will do so in groups and will only arrive to find the leftover gold and will be forced to divide it amongst themselves rather than have the same opportunities you had to take your time and carry as much of it as you could away. The more people come, the less gold there is for each person as the pot gets smaller and smaller until its dry.

When you follow in other entrepreneur’s footsteps, you tend to follow that road they laid bricks for but the main reward has already been ripped. It has been taken by the one who got there first, who did all the work, and who took all the risk. You, on the other hand, were pretty much handed the map on how to get there and cannot expect the same reward to exists at the end of the same road that someone else traveled.

This is why no one will ever share the same level of success as the pioneer who got there first.

If that pioneer is smart, then he will have built a gate to conceal his path and will sell the map to his success so that others can follow in his footsteps as well. This allows him to earn more money without having to seek out another unknown path to finding more gold.

The idea here folks is quite simple.

You become an entrepreneur and go down an unknown path and your reward will be quite large, but if you choose to follow other people and their footsteps then don’t expect the rewards to be the same.

While the system or path they provide you is very clear, the conditioning and ability to complete the journey takes more than following a map.

It takes discipline and hard work and is also the reason why I wrote Third Circle Theory which doesn’t teach you anything about the path to take to money but rather teaches you the values and conditioning you need in order to reach your own peak no matter what journey you undertake.