New Year’s Resolution BS

I am sure many of you have made New Years resolutions at some time in your life. You may have wished to hit the gym more often, get promoted at work, or choose to live a healthier life by quitting smoking or some other bad habit BUT what if I tell you that all these resolutions are nothing short of your fear telling you that you are not capable and therefore using an excuse to help you overcome fear.

Why do you wait till  New Year to improve YOUR life?

The typical answer you will give yourself is the fact that holidays are busy, you may not have time or there are too many things going on at the end of the year to make such a drastic change…but then I would ask you…”What happened last year?”

Think about the pattern of self-destruction you are following and the fact that you blame your imperfections on circumstances you cannot control rather than the real cause of your problems, which is nothing more than YOU. We as individuals become our own greatest enemy because of our weak emotional state and our lack of control on our own life.

What keeps us from making the right decisions that are obviously going to help us in the long run and do nothing but harm us today? What keeps us from stopping those habits in the moment or perhaps even easier not starting them at all? Is it our inability to deal with our insecurities or our lack of self-control?

Take a moment and look at all the actions you’ve taken in your life that were not necessary like may be going out and drinking too much, or being somewhere you just knew you had no reason being and look at the potential risks you exposed yourself to or perhaps the consequences of your action…and ask yourself what reason did you have for those actions OTHER than you ability to tell yourself NO and remain in control of your actions at ALL TIMES.

So for this New Year I simply challenge you to no longer lie to yourself, no longer start things you will simply won’t finish and get out of your usually routine of resolutions and come up with realistic goals for yourself that are tied to improving yourself overall and not just for the new year.

Create goals, not resolutions…

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