Project Azure: RSC Tuning meets SR Auto Group


Relationships are everything as you may have heard us say before when ADV1 met SR Auto Group in Project “Valkyrie,” one of the the world’s most beautiful Audi R8. This time around the project is quite different but the team that built it is almost the same. Presenting a collaboration between Secret Entourage Partners RSC Tuning and SR Auto Group by the name of Project Azure, the world’s first Lamborghini Gallardo conversion to the ultimate LP570.

This truly EPIC project begins with a customer’s white LP560 coupe, SR first added a set of PUR One 20” wheels finished in gloss black.  The exhaust was upgraded to RSC Tuning’s ‘Veloce’ Supersport system, reducing weight at the rear of the car by 40lbs, and producing a spine tingling exhaust note.

SR then set to work on some more visual upgrades, applying their usual level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.  The car was equipped with RSC Tuning’s Carbon Fiber Side Skirts, complimented nicely by RSC’s Superleggera-style rear wing.

The final touch to complete the project was the LP570-style front bumper in high-pressure polyurethane.  This particular bumper was a development piece from RSC, but the production items will be available soon.  If it is anything like the LP560 bumper for the Gallardo you can expect an OE-quality fitment at a reasonable price.

The final project becomes a work of art delivering beauty, power and functionality in the all around best tuning package yet found for the LP560 Gallardo.

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