Motivation 101 – Motivation Without Merit?

Motivation is food for thought and its impact on one’s life can be a very emotional experience, as we often tie great outcomes to ideas, items or people that have motivated us prior to the victory, even if they had no direct correlation. There are those that motivate due to their leadership roles, and others that motivate due to desire and not so much out of obligation. Being motivated is a great thing and makes you feel like you are able to achieve more than ever before.

There is also a bond that we form with the source of motivation, which makes us want to tell all about our learning but do we often speak too fast?

One of the more common issues behind Generation Y is our easy access to information, from social networks to Google, we can find just about anything if we really look hard enough but is the information really valid and more importantly is one piece of information without experience worthy of making us industry experts on a topic?

When we think of the motivation that we receive and where it comes from, we often forget that those that motivated us had accomplished something significant, which attracted us and enabled us to keep an open mind when listening. We are very excited to share knowledge, which is why we are such an amazing generation, one that is driven by success and its desire to share its growth. The mistake we make is usually sharing the excitement of our learning before fully implementing it and enjoying success through it. The main issue we encounter by doing that is that the world around us doesn’t buy in to our words as often they are not only ours but the depth of our experience often limits our conversations. The other element missing from the equation is the lack of backing to showcase that we walk the walk as much as we are willing to talk others into following us.

The real issue with speaking too fast is your inability to back up what you speak of with real life experience and therefore do not create a “buy-in” for others to follow. We then often separate ourselves from others that choose to not follow us as we call them “blind” as they do not see what we see but are they really blind or are we expecting too much? One might even go as far as to question that perhaps we might even have been skeptical if we wouldn’t have seen for ourselves the results our motivator showed us. This is very similar to an MLM failed concept like Primerica, Monavie or 5linx which use newly hired employees who earn nothing yet as recruiters, and lose the buy in as they are simply looked at as an impostor who claim to make money when they have yet to make their first dollar.

The preferred route to follow here would be to first apply and execute on everything you’ve learned and gain some sort of traction before introducing the world to your mindset or idea, but ultimately remember that even if you choose to spread the word a bit too fast, those that don’t join you are not necessarily lost or against you, they simply haven’t seen the world from your perspective and that is OK.