ADV.1 Wheels: The New SAGA Begins

2010 was nothing short of EPIC for the world’s fastest growing wheel company. ADV1 took it home with some amazing and innovative wheel designs, but they kept the best for 2011. With the release of the ultimate ADV1 wheel at SEMA this past November, the ADV5.0 Track spec, Jordan Swerdloff has once again raised the bar for everyone else. Check out our awesome gallery of ADV1 perfection…

adv1 f430

The unveiling at SEMA was only a small taste of things to come from Advance One Wheels. The following three designs pictured above are from the new track series which features a concave wheel on a step lip design, creating a sense of speed, beauty and depth with each rotation.

adv1 bmw

adv1 bmw 7 series

This brand new 7 series is one the best in the industry and has been fitted with 3 piece ADV1 wheels, the blend of sport and luxury and expressed with perfection.

ADV1 F430 Wheels

adv1 f430

Jordan’s Ferrari F430 is back and hotter than ever before thanks to the new Track Spec Design.

advance one wheels sema

adv1 wheels sema

adv1 honda crz

The new Honda CRZ fully tuned and outfitted by ADV1 with their new track spec design wheels. This car was one of the biggest head turners at SEMA. This is the future of Honda tuning for those that are still playing with toy cars.

adv1 gtr

Last but not least, we still have plenty of love for white GTRs with ADV1 10 Track specs :) Simply stunning. Make sure to check out all about ADV1 and the true reason why they have grown so quickly HERE