From Don’s Desk: Is Political Change Real?

don sabatini

As we think of the recent events that have occurred in Egypt, Afghanistan or Libya; we come back and think of our own society and country and ask ourselves ” Does changing political powers really creates better change? Or the illusion of change?”

2008 marked the beginning of a new era for the United States, one where change was promised, one where a better government was envisioned but as we approach 2012, we must ask if those were actual goals or simply words of persuasion.  We voted for change in 2008, but it is now 2011 and there has yet to be some traction behind real change and not just an illusion of change driven by a poor media attempt.

As we head towards 2012 and are placed in a situation where voting is our weapon to create change then we must really ask ourselves what exactly drives change? Is it a politician or a political party? The reality is that media is a most effective “change” creator than any politician or political party. They use your perception to get you to act one way or another, ultimately controlling situations. It is ultimately the one who controls media that controls the situation.

Let me take a simple example about the war in Iraq and the media’s ability to shape your mindset and show you what you want to see. Think about the war and the near 10 years we spent there. We wanted change and our President’s cabinet promised an exit from Iraq, and delivered one right in the middle of his presidency, but we have now invaded Afghanistan. Are we really out of Iraq? How can you gauge if we are? There hasn’t been any media showing you anything further on Iraq, but yet all the eyes are on Afghanistan and Libya. Is anyone making Iraq a worthwhile conversation? Perhaps not as its no longer a priority and technically the war there has been over for some time. The capture of Osama also marks a new frontier for American troops but will there be a true change in the war’s goal now that he has been killed?

The media does a great job at letting you see what you want to see and does an even greater job of not showing you what you should see so ultimately your mind and focus is where they want it to be.

Think about a bad emergency weather day… everyone panics and the media tells you that it might be bad and you should take shelter while having enough supplies. Within 45 min, it shows you videos of grocery stores getting emptied by others who fear this hurricane or storm and therefore are being cautious.  This mental stress makes you think that perhaps you should too take precautions and be careful by picking up supplies. Storm comes, nothing happens BUT record sales for those supermarkets.

Gas prices are high, they keep climbing and the media blames some Middle Eastern disruption for the rate hike. I blame no one but our own political parties wanting to make a quick buck. How? Well the majority of all boards of directors at petroleum businesses happen to have favorable ties to certain politicians etc… and therefore will be needing 8-9 figure payouts for this upcoming election. Who will help them make it? YOU. You will as you simply have no choice because you need to drive, but its much easier to blame the Middle East and make you support the various war agendas so that you can live better and with cheaper gas prices.

Is media evil? Not at all, its simply a full proof system that is made to brainwash people with what they want to see.

Are politicians evil? Not at all, we elected them to help us grow the country but ultimately everyone has their own agenda and therefore it changes nothing regardless of which one is in power. The people with real money funding their campaigns are those in charge and in power. The media will never show you that.

In conclusion, the point here is not that politicians or the media is evil but rather for you to open your eyes and see more of what you are not shown and to be able to draw yourself some real conclusions. The world is only what we make of it during our time here, which in some cases may be limited, make sure you at least understand why you do what you do!

Till next time.