Caffeine & Octane Atlanta

ferrari f430

Over the past few months, we’ve brought to you different car event coverage ranging from Virginia to California to Miami. This latest event is Caffeine & Octane, a car meet of all ages and cars that meets once a month in Atlanta, GA. Now I would have never thought Atlanta having a car culture of this caliber but to our surprise, many nice cars of all genres came out for this ranging from american muscle to exotic cars.  Our good friend and loyal reader, Lee was able to stop by and help us snap some shots to show you all how Atlanta does it.

The beast of a daily driver that is the Mercedes CL65 AMG. But for the price you’re into used Rolls Royce / Bentley territory. What would you choose?

cl65 amg

The Dodge Viper will forever remain a classic and this generation more so than ever. Expect the rebirth of the Viper to set the American supercar standard.

viper gts

A newer Morgan Aero 8 with what appears to be an older variant next to it. An odd car that only a handful appreciate it seems.

morgan aero 8

It’s nice to see the evolution of the Lamborghini flagship model from Countach all the way to the new Aventador. Countach will always be a legend.

lamborghini countach

A base Porsche GT3 is already an astonishing performing car. It only makes you wonder how much better the new 4.0L GT3 RS will perform with 500hp.

porsche gt3 rs

What do you get when you mix part kit car vs part super car? The Mosler MT series street legal race cars. Same price as a LP560 or Scuderia but much faster.


Aston Martin as a brand has the most beautiful line up of cars. Each and every car emit elegance and class unlike any other manufacturer.

v12 vantage

In the Lambo section was this Verde Ithaca LP640 Roadster. Almost perfection if it weren’t for the ugly non matching calipers.


A nice Lamborghini Diablo that was ruined by the ugly wheels and iron board wing.


For a car released in the early 2000’s, the BMW Z8 has aged very slowly and still looks good to this day. Not to mention the depreciation has not been significantly hit since its a collector car.

bmw z8

New and old Lamborghini Gallardos. New one is the “Bicolore” special edition which features two tone paint finish. There’s nothing special about that.

orange gallardo

The car of Die Another Day of the Bond series. Vanquish looks very muscular with the huge rear fender arches.

v12 vanquish

The donut boxes on top of the LP640 remind me of a Lamborghini Gallardo pizza delivery car that I once saw online somewhere. He was the franchise owner of course.


The darker shade red on this Ferrari 360 Modena works well with the brownish interior. Kind of a classier subtle look versus the typical bright red.

ferrari f360

Lamborghini offers several shades of White with the most popular being these two variants: solid and pearl. In my opinion the pearl can’t be beat!


gallardo spyder

Atlanta certainly showed us that they know cars just as well as anywhere else. No donks or dubs at this show, just clean examples of fine motoring. The Caffeine and Octane show is held on the first Sunday of each month at the Mansell Crossing. We want to thank Lee again for sharing these great pics with us. You can check out more Atlanta event coverage as his website:

Caffeine & Octane Official Site

Caffeine & Octane Facebook page