How Gen Y Can Nail the Dream Job They’ve Always Wanted


In recent news, the economy is showing strong signs of recovery but it seems like the common public seems to remain out of work and still not able to see signs of recovery at home. Unemployment remains higher than expected and everyone blames the government for not creating enough jobs or helping people find jobs. I wonder why people want the government to find them jobs. I think that a better question.

While I know there are some places in the US that suffer more drastically than others due to the agricultural and industrial nature of the state’s core jobs, but it still doesn’t mean that there are no jobs. If your state doesn’t have jobs, then perhaps you might want to consider moving to another that does or perhaps consider that self employment is a viable option.

For those that still seek employment and enjoy working for others, there is still a gap in wanting a job and getting one. People claim to apply, fill out applications, and yet never seem to get a call back. Their answer is that they keep applying rather than trying to understand why they are not receiving a call back.

Did you know that the average person doesn’t make a resume till their late 20’s?


Because apparently they don’t believe their experience is relevant enough to write about. A resume is free, expected, and very easy to learn to make, yet many young high school graduates still don’t have one.

Laziness, if you ask me, has much more to do with failure than lack of jobs. But for those that do, they typically do so with the bare minimum they can, creating one resume and sending it to over a dozen places.

Why would anyone hire someone whose resume is not relevant to the actual position they are applying for? How can a resume be universal then?

Past the resume issue, also lies the idea that most people have never actually researched what to do, and not do, during an interview. As a matter of fact, many people, despite having access to this information, simply find it boring, yet do not look into it.


If every 2 min video you watch gives you a competitive edge over 100 other applicants, why not be as a prepared as you can. Perhaps because there never was interest in having a career but people are rather looking for how to make a buck.

This leads me to my last point which is that most employers today have the opportunity to interview 100’s of people per position and maybe only 5% of that are qualified and relevant prospects as most are people simply seeking work.

You don’t have the right to work, you are given the privilege to work based upon your ability to provide value in exchange for money. That value is increased based upon experience and that experience equals more money. If you have no interest in growing your value to those who pay for you to do so, why would they ever want to hire you and pay you to just be there?

While I am what most consider a successful business man or entrepreneur, there was a point in my life (a decade to be exact ) when I had no idea what I wanted to do in life and chose to work for others.

During that time, my goal was never to become a CEO or the top of my food chain but rather to become the best I could ever be at anything someone entrusted me to do, and I never took that for granted which is why even when I wasn’t seeking opportunity, opportunity would keep finding me. Its for that same reason, you must try harder so that it can find you too.