Honda – The Power of Dreams

We often talk of failure and its importance on success and we can usually relate one or two failed stories to every successful entrepreneurs out there, but one company knows how to fail better than anyone else out there and more importantly has found a way to illustrate why consistency, innovation and execution are all you need to turn failure into the worlds most amazing car company today….

There are many elements to what makes a company great, but none is greater than a company that values innovation and opinions from its employees. Honda was originally an engine company and is today one of the world’s greatest car manufacturers and stays true to its roots by remaining an engine company as well, powering Indy Race cars, boats and even lawn mowers today.

The road to success however was nothing short of impossible for Honda, but their determination enabled them to turn their luck around and re establish themselves as #1.

This video illustrates the power of a dream, and how they turn any bad situation around, but more importantly demonstrates how never giving up can really pay off.

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