From Don’s Desk – 2010 Recap & Preview of 2011

Thank you all for all the kind emails and supportive messages I receive from all of you on a daily basis thanking me for helping you all. It is good to know that the work we are doing here at Secret Entourage is helping you all improve and find some guidance on your journey to success. In the past 6 months, I have been working very hard with my team to bring you an even better experience in 2011. Some of these changes you might have already noticed, others you will find happening as we move into early 2011. All these changes are meant to bring more clarity to Secret Entourage and help all of you that wish to act on what you learn here finally possible.

The first change I want to point you to is the launch of our Entrepreneur Forum which has been a huge success since its start last Monday. This is your opportunity to sign up and join my entourage while networking with others like yourselves that are working everyday to improve their futures. The network is FREE and you are encouraged to join, start threads on interesting topics, ask me and my team questions, as well as promote yourself and your skills for others to benefit from as well.

secret entourage mentorship coaching

The second important change is the start of our mentorship program, which will launch in January 2011. The program will be a combination of online, webinar, phone coaching for those of you that have asked for some more personal attention. Due to the personal nature of the program, an application process and pre-screening is required so that only individuals with the correct priorities are admitted in the program and that there is real benefit for everyone in the group. Applications are available HERE.

The third major change for 2011 is the new site layout which has been simplified with 4 easy to click boxes on top BUT also the addition of our Success Library. The Success Library’s sole purpose is to give you guys an insight as to all the world’s best kept business concept secrets, two titles exist currently “How To Drive a Luxury Car For Free” and “ How to Become The Ultimate Leader” but an additional 5 are to be added shortly, as well as the Secret Entourage book which will walk you through changing your mindset so that you can be prepared for success, no matter where and when opportunities exist.

All these changes are great and are there to help you with the tools you need to succeed into 2011.

2010 was a tough year for many people out there. The economy simply wasn’t there, home values plunged, unemployment remained high and the cost of living started to increase. These terrible downfalls led to a hard year for many people. The good news remains that 2010 is now almost behind us and 2011 is looking much brighter for many folks already. As we leave 2010, there are a few things I want to bring to your attention as food for thought.

2007-2010 were brutal years that will forever remain known as the “ The Great Recession” but before we cast these years in history and move forward, lets not make the same mistake the country makes by forgetting how we got there to begin with. There were many to be blamed for the events that led to “The Great Recession” but reality is there are few not to blame as the fall of our financial system was a team effort between Main Street, Wall Street, Regulators and the Government which all played a role in the mess.

The mess that is now behind us is nothing more than a small indicator of things to come in the near future as many of the problems that we faced then still have not been fixed. Despite regulations in place and changes having taken place for main street’s satisfaction, the financial system’s foundation and FDIC’s ability to support the fall of major banks and institutions is simply not where it needs to be when the events that occurred reappear in a different form.

History repeats itself and greed is simply not going away. It is human nature to want more and push the envelope until the bubbles burst. We must be clear that this event will occur again, and unfortunately will be much worst than what we recently experienced. The real question is not when will this event occurs but rather if you will be ready to tackle the next economic meltdown.

Secret Entourage will be bringing you a series of eBooks in 2011 geared to help you fix some of the core components of your life around finance, business ideas, investments, and others but the most important step is for you to own your success by choosing to invest in yourself rather than simply entertaining yourself. Investing in your own growth is the single most important step one can take in life, as its an action that has unlimited rewards that keep on giving even after you slow your pace. Make sure to not waste another year wondering “What if?”

There are millions of opportunities out there, millions of dollars to be made and others are acting on that fact because of their readiness. So as you look into 2011, the goals, resolutions and ideas you create for yourself; ask yourself what will you do differently in 2011 that will make an impact on your life because repeating the actions you took in 2010 will most likely result in similar outcomes, and therefore be defined as “insanity.”

To all of you out there that followed us in 2010 and helped us grow this movement to 38,000 fans on Facebook, as well as gave us feedback on how we can improve the site, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to an even greater 2011.

Happy Holidays to all and my best wishes to all for a successful 2011.