7 Habits of Highly Unproductive People – Why You Should Avoid Them


You usually read about successful people and how to make sure you follow their patterns and habits but very rarely do we speak of those unproductive people and what they do. Its only natural that everyone wants to believe they are productive and successful but reality checks are needed from time to time and this is one of those times. Here are 7 habits highly unproductive people do.

They assume tomorrow will be a better day.

Its funny how the next day will always be better than today. Believe it or not, every unproductive person believes time and time alone will heal their problems. With each misery comes the perfect solution to simply wait it out rather than solve the actual issue at hand or put tons of efforts towards it. If your friends always find themselves worrying about what tomorrow will bring rather than what they are working on today… RUN.

They won’t work on anything that doesn’t pay them immediately.

While successful people can often see the bigger picture out there and work on projects based on belief, unsuccessful people cannot and as a result, quickly fold when there is no immediate reward for them. They see no value in anything that doesn’t have an immediate return on investment.

They always had a great idea.

Most unsuccessful people have thought of just about every idea they see on TV. Ideas others have worked on except the ones they work on themselves. You’ll often hear them speak of how they had this same idea or how they could have made something better. Great ideas are a start but typically the ending point for those unsuccessful folks.

They start all their conversation about their goals with an “if”.

“If I wasn’t married.” “If I didn’t have a kids.” “If I had more time.” Every unsuccessful person already has lined up 100’s of reasons why they will not be going towards their goals and instead continue to live a mediocre life they settle for. If your friends are full of excuses rather than full of actions, then this might be an indicator that you might need new friends.

They dream outside of the box, but live in a box.

Big dreams and big hopes of one day being that guy that owns those things that other guys have but very little action to back it up. Dreaming big but living in a box is a typical trait for an unproductive person. While there is nothing wrong with starting small and having a vision of the possibilities, there is also a difference between a dream and goal, and that called a deadline.

They always know why they failed, but never admit why they don’t succeed.

Unproductive people know exactly why their past ventures, businesses, or careers failed and it typically had nothing to do with them. Instead, the market, the economy or just about every other uncontrollable factor caused them to give up or walk in a different direction. While most successful people understand that success comes from within, unproductive ones believe being at the right place, at the right time is enough.

They are quick to judge how others made it.

While productive people worry about how they are making it, unproductive ones worry about how others have and typically seem to know exactly what they did. They often blame luck, circumstance, or background as the reasons others who are younger and less fortunate, have move ahead so quickly. There is a huge need to validate why others are much further than they are and to justify to themselves why it is OK that they haven’t found their very own way to succeed.

You can use these 7 points and identify your very own entourage. Then gauge if those you surround yourself with are equally capable of helping you get further or perhaps simply using you to stay down.