Aston Martin V12 Zagato

The Aston Martin V12 Zagato is a 50th anniversary racing concept car like no other. Based on the DB4 GT Zagato, the V12 Zagato is produced by hand and includes some amazing attention to detail. Recently Velocity Automotive Performance provided us a glimpse of one of these limited edition Aston Martins, a stunning Midnight Blue Zagato that was being heavily modified for a client, including a new set of 21” PUR Wheels. Read on to see what it takes to bring this car to the states and view the end result of this amazing project come to life through exclusive photos and video.
When we heard about the latest project our friends at Velocity Automotive Performance were tackling, it got our attention. Secret Entourage recently collaborated with Velocity on Project Blue Wave, so we know just what they can do to improve performance, and these guys know their way around Aston Martins. What transpired is possibly the first, and probably the most heavily modified Aston Martin V12 Zagato in the world.
The Aston Martin V12 Vantage Zagato is a rare bird to begin with. An initial production run of 150 was scheduled, but final production is generally believed to have ceased at 65. Here in North America Aston Martin never formally offered the V12 Zagato for sale, most likely due to the onerous requirement to crash-test multiple vehicles in order to be federally approved.
This car was purchased directly from Aston Martin in the UK in Midnight Blue with Parchment Upholstery, Sandstorm carpets, Ivory headliner and Baltic Blue welting on the ski slope and seats, all handled internally by Aston Martin’s ‘Q’ program. It was then delivered directly to Works Service for further customization, including front, rear and side-view cameras. In order to import the Zagato to the USA under a show and display permit, it first had to cover 2000 miles before passing federal emissions testing, and to fulfill 3 important criteria:
1. Technical Significance
2. No more than 500 Examples Produced
3. Production has Ceased
So it was promptly driven to the Nurburgring where the owner had the opportunity to lap the historic circuit where the original prototypes ‘Zig’ and ‘Zag’ raced in the 24 hour ADAC Nürburgring 24-hour race. Having completed the required mileage, it was shipped and formally imported into the United States. A rare bird, even rarer on this side of the Atlantic.
A prestigious car such as this requires a suitable pair of shoes, so Velocity reached out to another Secret Entourage partner; SR Auto Group. The Zagato’s lines are more sweeping and contoured than the run-of-the-mill V12 Vantage, and its reach haunches are beefier and more muscular looking, which suits a larger wheel more than the regular Vantage. SR had the perfect solution close at hand: PUR Wheels stepped up with a set of 21” Design 9ines, with brushed main spokes, and anthracite outers, finished in gloss clear-coat. The end result is a muscular and purposeful look, which complements the car’s lines and which isn’t over-stated. Bold but classy, a perfect match for an Aston Martin.
When it came to improving performance, Velocity AP had recently released a dyno-proven Power Upgrade kit for V12-Engined Aston Martins, boasting gains of 45BHP and 40.5ft/lbs:

V12 Manifolds Pair
• Hand-build Performance Headers/Exhaust Manifolds
• High-flow Motorsport Catalysts
• Performance Air Filters
• Proprietary ECU Tuning with $3,300,000 Insurance Coverage
• Optional Sports Rear Silencer
• Dyno-proven gains of 45BHP and 40.5ft/lbs.
Bringing this half million dollar exotic up to 555BHP and 460.5ft/lbs would be a superb upgrade on its own, but the owner of this particular vehicle wanted nothing short of the best. Velocity stepped up and fabricated the exhaust manifolds and catalysts using F1-grade superalloy Inconel625, and the rear silencer from Titanium. Inconel possesses superb strength relative to its weight, which allows exhaust components to be constructed with far less material, achieving unparalleled weight savings. The net result was a weight savings of just under 100lbs. Ceramic coating was applied to the headers to reduce under-hood temperatures and protect vital components.
Once installation was complete, we sent in our photographer to shoot some stills, showcasing the breath-taking look of PUR’s Design 9ine’s finishing the lines of the Zagato off perfectly. Since cars (even rare and expensive ones) were made to be driven, Velocity called up Billy at the award-winning Skipper Films, who jumped at the chance to capture this world first in action.
The result of all this can be seen here. A visually stunning look, capped off with frightening performance and spine-tingling sound makes this the most desirable Aston Martin V12 Zagato in the world. The car is currently for sale, interested parties should contact for further information.