Greatness On All Levels.Looking back at many of my past articles, you will notice that a common trait is greatness. Greatness exists on many level and is vital to success. There is a big difference between being great and being great on all levels. The difference lies in your commitment and focus.

I was was having a simple conversation about careers with a friend who until recently had not gotten the concept of hard work. It was him who told me this time the simplest thing “It doesnt matter where you work as long as you just work hard and move up…” I really thought to myself that this is a miracle as I have tried to get this point across to this young man for over a year.  It was indeed great to see this person change his mindset, even though it took a year to do so.

How do you achieve Greatness On All Levels?

Greatness can be achieved no matter what you do, it is simply a mindset that you will do your best for yourself everyday, laziness, insecurity, and other obstacles become non existent and excuses disappear quickly instead you choose action and solutions and deliver on your promise to yourself everyday. You should never give yourself a reason for not trying, instead give yourself a way to try harder and deliver more. Even if you work for an organization that doesn’t pay you much, you will be the one person that is doing more than others and therefore gets recognized and considered for the next promotion. This simply means more money for the same amount of time spent on the job. You simply cannot lose as you are moving ahead and not backwards. Regardless of how much ahead you move, you are still moving ahead which is better than standing still like others.

So now you are better at work than before and understand the purpose of working hard to get to GOAL.

How does it work on ALL levels?

This is when you take extra time to understand what can improve in your life on all other levels such as relationships, love, fitness, health and all other components that make up your life. You simply look at each of these individually and see where you can do better, then the process starts all over again.  Nothing stops you from being the best all around or at least attempting the pursuit of perfection.

There is one drawback that is soon changed but can cause some harm as you go through this transition. The drawback is simply within your circle of friends. You will find that some of them will not move towards the same direction and may feel that they no longer have any value to you and therefore are not the type of individual you can relate with, the positive energy around you is much stronger and more obvious to others. This does create conflict, even if it is in the form of silent jealousy.

Your quest to bring balance to the greatness in your life needs to continue no matter what those around you say or do to stop you and in essence you become your own secret to success, but that’s another article for another time.