Faith or Opportunity

It doesn’t just take religious belief to sometimes use the line “it wasn’t meant to be” and it’s often true that we, as individuals, look to a greater reason for things to happen (or not) for us through our lifetime.  We sometimes blame not having been given an employment opportunity on the fact that it must not have been the right one or perhaps it wasn’t our time for it.  It is difficult to actually accept the fact that perhaps we weren’t good enough for it or not prepared well enough for it.

Opportunities lie all around us from the lifetime opportunities we encounter everyday by meeting new people and learning from them, to new directions we can take our lives.  These opportunities appear in front of us each and every minute that we exist, and in most cases we miss most of them because we are not looking for them and most likely dismiss them.

We do not realize that we can actually have more awareness to things we look for.  The easiest way to put this in perspective is to think of when you want something, such as a certain brand of car for example.  As a result of wanting it, your focus is telling your senses to identify it each and every time you see it, giving you that feeling that you can now identify with it more than you did before.  The same goes for other things like certain designer clothes or accessories. More importantly, opportunities are also included in that mix, but the difference is you actually have to know what you are looking for and in most cases, we haven’t defined it for ourselves, making it impossible to identify what we don’t know exists.

Awareness has a lot to do with meeting the right opportunities and seizing that opportunity is half the battle.  The other half relies heavily on your understanding of the opportunity and how ready you are at the time you encounter it.

Readiness can also be tricky if your understanding of what you are seeking isn’t clear.  Should the right opportunity present itself and your inability to connect with it becomes apparent, it is possible that the opportunity will be lost rather than seized, causing you to now blame it on faith rather than your own doing.  However, was it really faith or your lack of faith in yourself that made you miss it?

Success is often defined as hard work when meeting the opportunity, yet reality remains that opportunity is a very broad word. Therefore, even where hard work exists, opportunity may seem like it is never there if you don’t know what to look for.  Identifying what opportunity looks like is the first half to seizing it, but the second half is about how prepared you are to undertake such an opportunity.  If you are not prepared, the action or lack of action, might make one believe you lack confidence to get the job done and perhaps offer that opportunity to others instead.

Don’t blame a missed opportunity on faith, but rather on yourself because perhaps you might wonder forever if it was ever meant to be!