Luxury Real Estate – Yacht Vertigo

Living  in luxurious mansions is only the beginning of your journey as you accumulate wealth.  However, many will tell you that there is one more frontier to reach once your home is a perfect reflection of your success.  That frontier is the ability to have the same level of luxury, but on the water.

Introducing Vertigo, luxurious lifestyle and style on the water.  Built in 2011 by New Zealands Alloy Yachts and never available for charter until recently, Vertigo is one of the most impressive and adventurous luxury sailing super yachts in history.  It isn’t the biggest, longest, and most technologically advanced, but rather bringing a perfect balance of luxury, functionality, speed, and beauty.

At 68 meters, Philippe Briand designed Vertigo as the largest sailing yacht in the southern hemisphere and while accommodating 12 guests, she provides the ultimate in spacious luxury sailing.  The interiors, designed by the renowned French design-house Christian Liaigre, are one of her star attractions, sporting an ‘urban at sea’ ambiance with sleek surfaces and a natural palette of walnut, creams and blacks.  It ultimately is in the details that Vertigo shines above the rest, giving it its sexy personality.

The luxurious Yacht Vertigo has a large Jacuzzi, scuba equipment, one limo tender, two Nautica WB19 tenders, and one Avon Jet rib for water sports.  It makes it quite easy to not only sail away, but also enjoy all the watersports and activities you could ever want in the water.  What else would you need so far from civilization?

She is the only super-yacht in Asia and is available for charter at approximately $300,000 per week.  The total cost for this built is estimated well above $65 million, however, the exact figure hasn’t been disclosed to the public, which ultimately adds to its appeal making her very exclusive and inaccessible.

The Vertigo will be sailing in South East Asia and in April will return to the beautiful Mediterranean, including the tropical island of the Maldives, which as you know is the ultimate getaway if you have been reading Secret Entourage for a while.