Entrepreneurial Awareness Conditioning


Someone asked me why I wrote Third Circle Theory when so many books already exist on building a business or becoming an entrepreneur. Well the answer is simple, Third Circle Theory is neither of the two. As a matter of fact, it won’t teach you how to build a business and it won’t teach you how to become a successful entrepreneur. So what does it do? Well, its simple and I am going to explain it to you with a simple example that may just blow your mind. Its entrepreneurial awareness training!

Think about working out and exercising. If you watch ab workout videos or some sort of at home training, then it is most likely because you cannot condition yourself to go to the gym or workout daily. You resorted to video as a means of simply reaching a weight loss goal, or as an attempt to get in shape.

Just because of that one fact alone, you are 2000% more likely to fail, simply because you are aligning a reward with an activity. Unfortunately that reward is not strong enough and your mind not conditioned enough to see it through to the end without allowing distractions to blur your vision until you eventually forget.

You fail because your develop actions, not habits, and often those actions don’t turn into habits because they are attached to a reward, which in many cases if it doesn’t appear fast enough, you will simply give up or pursue something else.

The conditioning is not physical but rather mental and emotional, which is no different than in business.

Third Circle Theory is that foundational conditioning you need to be able to understand how to succeed. It is not teaching you the actions to take but rather how your very own habits are born internally, allowing you to actually make progress in life rather than remaining stuck or focusing on external factors that are irrelevant to your success.

Regardless of your life goals, understanding how to control your environment, your circumstance, and your surroundings is valuable to your success.

Awareness comes in two stages and it is important to master both in order to become successful in entrepreneurship and be able to tackle real world problems, rather than simply creating businesses.

1) Environmental Awareness: This awareness is more common amongst successful people and is typically based on an intricate level of self-education regarding processes and concepts in society. In other words, understanding how the systems within society work and then learning how to manipulate them.

2) Self Awareness: An intricate understanding of how we and our actions are perceived by others around us. While many believe to be very self aware, their reality of themselves and other people’s reality of them is completely disconnected, making it very difficult to manipulate other people’s environments as there is a significant disconnect.

The whole point of Third Circle Theory is to help you identify these gaps between the two types of awareness as it pertains to your life, giving you the ultimate wake up call to the real world and a deeper meaning of why the word “entrepreneur” is really about self growth, than it is about business.