Fabio Viviani – Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Secret Entourage Entrepreneur Of The Year
In 2015, we recruited over 52 incredible entrepreneurs to teach and help bring back the true meaning of entrepreneurship in the Secret Entourage Academy. While most people looking from the outside in may think that we simply identify great personalities and then from there select who to interview based on popularity; you would be gracefully wrong. Secret Entourage wasn’t founded on the idea of winning a popularity contest or becoming a great self-help resource. It was founded with the intention of changing how we look at self-education and to provide a platform that encourages those who typically do not seek education regardless if it is formal, self, or supplementary to actually want to join and learn.

Each week we highlight the career, venture, and story of a person who has not only succeeded in the realm of entrepreneurship, but also believes in the idea of mentoring and providing value back to the same world that has helped shape their very own success. We look for people with accomplished track records, above good revenue, and whose company structures and way of doing business is aligned with what we define as “good business” (innovative, people-oriented, and impactful both externally and internally).

We also look for people whose intentions in joining our Academy as mentors and teachers are genuine, and not just for promotional or self-advertising purposes. Many of you might not know that those 52 incredible people each year are only about 15% of the people we interview who want to be part of the Secret Entourage Academy.

With that said, each year starting in 2014, Secret Entourage identifies only one incredible person who has demonstrated values, success, leadership, and vision far ahead of the curve in their respective industries and has been able to consistently win both personally as well as in business. Such victories are not only contagious to those around them, but helps create an inspired culture that leads to exponential growth for themselves and those whose lives they interact with.

This year we celebrate Fabio Viviani: Celebrity Chef, Serial Entrepreneur, Incredible Father, and all around amazing human being; also someone that I am very proud to now call a friend.

After our original conversation, I decided to take a trip to Chicago to meet Fabio in person and see the incredible businesses he has created. During my three days in Chicago, I got an inside look into the incredible operation he has created, got a closer feel for who he really was, and how people responded to him and his energy. Having authored Third Circle Theory and being so observant to my environment, it was necessary for me to see this in person in order to identify if my original hunch was correct that Fabio wasn’t just a successful entrepreneur; he was an extraordinary one.

While I could go on for hours about what makes someone an incredible entrepreneur, I can sum up Fabio into one word and perhaps this may help you understand why we at the Secret Academy as well as people around him not only respect him and awarded him Secret Entourage Academy’s 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year.
That word is Self-Accountability.

Having interviewed well over 200 people since we opened the Academy as well as having built multiple 7-figure businesses, I have realized that self-accountability is something that you don’t come by often when dealing with people. Fabio is a man of his word, and holds himself extremely accountable to his own words, as you will hear in this video. The power of holding yourself accountable in today’s business world is the key to not only outperforming yourself year after year as Fabio did, but also enables you to create long lasting relationships. Fabio’s self-accountability to the commitments he makes to his people gives him this edge that I believe has taken him this far in life and certainly will continue to allow him to grow even further in all of his business endeavors.

The Secret Entourage team and I would like to thank Fabio Viviani for his hospitality and kindness in hosting the Secret Entourage Chicago Meet-up as well as allowing us to honor him through this very special award. We wish him years and years of continued success and hope that many of you will get the opportunity to get to know him as well as I have in these past 6 months. I am certain that it will be much harder to find the 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year now that Fabio has raised the bar so much higher for everyone.