From The Office of Don Sabatini

Who is Don Sabatini?

I have recently received many emails, Facebook messages and letters asking me to reveal more of my identity, or perhaps more about my different cars, my personal lifestyle and myself.  Keeping my identity Secret is by no means to conceal anything but rather to have you question the logic that you presently follow.

Remember when we first launched Secret Entourage, I explained the context in What is Secret Entourage and really highlighted the fact that I am not trying to make decisions for you as to what to do with your life but rather enable you to think differently, therefore expanding your understanding and ability to act upon the millions of opportunities that exist out there but yet are passed each and everyday untouched.

As far as my life, it has been very interesting to this day and will continue to get better everyday as time goes on, but growing up wasn’t done on a nicely paved road to success; it came with hard work, tough decisions and lots of self control. As you all know by now, I am an only child and was raised by a single mother, one that worked 12 hour daily shift simply to support an average lifestyle for the both of us, and therefore was faced with being alone most of my childhood days but as I grew older these alone days helped me significantly by preparing me to keep myself entertained. Growing up I never gave in to any sort of influence from friends, random people and family; instead I always chose to create my own road and outcomes regardless of what the world’s view or acceptance of me was. I did what was best for my family and never really cared what people said or thought of the path I chose, as long as I knew it was the right one and heading in the right direction I kept going.

When I was 18 years old, I was fortunate enough to be making $80,000 a year working in Corporate America as head of a major remodeling company. I was also faced with the decision to go to college, as my current role would not allow enough time to do both.  Most would assume, I picked money over education as I stated in my story that school wasn’t really for me, but that is inaccurate. I chose education, and I chose to give up $80,000 a year for a brighter future, so I simply resigned and took a role at a bank for $30,000 a year, just so that I could focus on what was most important. It wasn’t about money or education, it was about growth, growth as an individual today and the ability to grow tomorrow which didn’t exist in the field I was in and therefore regardless of the income generated, it simply wasn’t enough to keep me satisfied with life and therefore required me to change. Change is not easy but is often necessary.

This difficult change opened many doors for me, many of which that would have never been opened to me should I have chosen to not take a risk. Remember what I always say, “Not taking a risk is the greatest risk in itself”. This change enabled me to understand many concepts and systems that today I am able to share with you, systems that have made me wealthy and more aware of new opportunities to grow. These systems also enabled me to understand that school was no longer a necessity for me.

Why do I bring this up?

I bring this up for all of you, as I know many of you are within fields that you may not see yourself growing in but are jobs that are funding your day-to-day life, but as you know like I do, eventually you will get burned out and become bitter towards your job. Instead I challenge you to think differently and look at your long-term goals, look at your passions, desires and dreams and align your job to your goals and make sure that they are realistic and attainable. It is sometimes necessary to risk your comfort today for your long-term growth but remember that the key ingredient to succeeding in your businesses, jobs or ventures is simply believing in yourself and what you are doing.

There is never a time when jealousy will not showcase itself, no matter how small or large you get in your venture. There will always be people that will put down your idea no matter how good or bad it sounds, they will simply not support the idea just with the thought that there is a chance that it succeeds and therefore will no longer give them an excuse to not do anything about their own life.

No matter what path you choose in your life, simply remember that today’s dreamers and entrepreneurs are those that will lead the way tomorrow and that taking calculated risks, keeping an open mind, not giving up and believing in yourself will lead you to success every time.

Keep in mind that despite me having a Secret identity, there is nothing Secret about success. The Secret to success is there facing you each and everyday, from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. It’s there facing you and yet sometimes all you have to do to see it and believe in what you see.

Till next time…

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