Pagani Zonda HH

Ferrari and Lamborghini are usually the exotic marquee associated with the wealthy. But what if that isn’t enough? What if you currently have three Lamborghini’s and want more? The next level would be to opt for hypercar status. For hypercar ownership it really boils down to three brands: Bugatti, Koenigsegg, & Zonda, but a problem arises with legality in the USA making the Bugatti Veyron the clear choice as it is fully compliant with all safety regulations. However, this didn’t stop an American entrepreneur from having a custom one-off Pagani Zonda “HH” from being built. Read more to find out who and how…

The man behind the madness is no other than entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson. David is a partner of the widely popular 37signals which is home to several web based business tools used by millions. His claim to fame though is creating the web framework Ruby on Rails. You may also recall that we shared a video on how to make money online by David. David and his partner Jason Fried also released a new business book titled Rework this year that we highly recommend. All these achievements are not bad for a 30 yr old right?

You have probably figured out by now that the “HH” stands for Heinemeier Hansson and NOT Hugh Hefner like many people are speculating. These renderings of the Pagani Zonda HH are a close resemblance of what the final product will be. The car will be a mix between the Pagani Cinque and Pagani Zonda Roadster. The color will be based off the Lamborghini Monterey Blue with exposed carbon fiber in the center. The wheels are center lock based off the Cinque. Behind the wheels are carbon ceramic with yellow calipers to offset the blue.

The final specs of the Zonda HH should be around 680HP AMG V12 while weighing just under 2700 lbs. The body is full carbon fiber with lots of titanium bits and pieces. As for how David plans to drive this on the streets of USA? He doesn’t plan to. He bought a vacation home in Italy just to enjoy this car where he will spend 1/3 of the year. Now that’s what we call dedication and baller.

For more updates on this car check out the Pagani Zonda HH website.

2004 Lamborghini Gallardo
Listed for sale at $98,000
Bought at $80,000 plus tax & tags
Drove for 4 months then posted for sale
Sold for $93,000 in less than 30 days
Made $9,000 in Profit

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