Controlling Your Destination

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In order to control your destination you must first know what that looks like.  The majority of people often see weeks, if not months ahead, yet only very few can actually see past that and into the years they have ahead of themselves.  Think about your own road ahead in the next few weeks or even in the next 6 months. It doesn’t give you much time to create major changes does it?  It gives you just enough time to initiate change but not sustainability as more time is needed. Look at 5 years from now and it seems like anything is possible.  If the possibility is there for something to happen, then ultimately it is up to that person who can make it happen regardless of its toughness or will.  If the possibility exists then it is possible to achieve.

Many are blinded from looking even past a few months because they believe it is not necessary as it’s not known what may happen in the next 5 years. Eventually it’s their lack of vision for themselves that keeps them from moving ahead with velocity towards bigger and better things.

Without this vision, you simply will not be able to see what you are trying to achieve as you have become content that its not a possibility.  Without this vision, there simply is no end game, there is no long term projection of who you want to become.  If there is no vision, then there is no bigger goal and, therefore, a path cannot be created to reach the unknown.  You can not get to your destination if you don’t have one.

Most people will go through life not finding such destination and it is often out of their disbelief.  In other words, they do not believe they are capable, they do not believe they can get past that doubt, consequently ending with no attempt whatsoever.  They lack the self-confidence in themselves that greatness can actually be achieved.  Why try something without guarantees?  Why love when you could end up hurt?  All of these thoughts flood your minds daily simply because of your fears.  You fear that you will never reach the right destination, fear you will never love or be loved and, therefore, as a society you learn to settle for what you can get not for what you really want.  This action means that you never actually set a goal for yourself for what you truly believe in and could achieve, but rather obtain what you believed you deserved.

Think of your current role at work and ask yourself what your future looks like and you immediately think of what your next step up in your organization might be.  You rarely think of the possibilities you could become such as the CEO of your company because its so far from your reach and the amount of work it will take to get there.  Therefore, you often tell yourself “one step at a time”, and take on these smaller approaches that lead you exactly where you intended to be, just one step further away from where you want to be.

The roadmap to actually getting out of your daily grind and moving towards a bigger goal is your ability to see further ahead than you previously have.  Think about a very long term possibility, like being the supervisor in your organization.  You often sit at work trying to reason out how others don’t get it, how there are those continuing to work at that same place, or perhaps even how your boss still has a job.  Now think about yourself and where you fit in, most importantly how you would change things if you were in that dominant role.  Now envision naturally how many years it will take you to get there and what the final outcome of you getting there will be.  Ask yourself basic questions for example: “How satisfied will I be?”  “How much money will I make?”  “What will change in my own life as a result?”  “How will I impact the organization that I work so hard to lead?”  Then glance at the amount of hard work it will take to get there.  Simply use your scale and weigh in on the amount of work vs. the amount of rewards and more importantly what life looks like once you achieve it.

In most cases, we will assess the amount of work as astronomical which make it almost very hard to comprehend that once we put in a lifetime of work, we are simply impact another one’s vision rather than our own.  We are impacting someone else’s dream and no matter what we do, how far we get and even how we impact such a dream, it is ultimately someone else’s dream and vision we are fulfilling; meaning that the destination ahead is and never was ours to reach.

So let’s not start something we are not going to finish but make it a necessity to ultimately find out where we want to be heading and make sure that each and EVERY action we take gets us one step closer to where we want to go.

“Without vision, there is no destination, because a destination we can actually see within our reach is a destination not worth reaching.”

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